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VictorCor BTRs17-Apr-2000
Status: active
Address: 9122 Torrence Creek Ct. Huntersville, NC 28078
Reporter: Admiral

We were making a deal involving my Sega Saturn w/switch & Tetris Plus for his GBC & 4 GBC games- in fact, he had originally contacted me through email inquiring about my Saturn, wince it had a country switch installed. He offered a GBC package for my Saturn and a game. It wasn't the exact deal we ended up agreeing on, but he obviously wanted the Saturn from the beginning or else he would not have inquired in the beginning. I told him that I like my Saturn, but I could get another one so I can trade mine to him. We agreed, I posted the trade- went out and purhcased a second Sega Saturn w/ hookups, and he claimed he sent on April 3rd. I waited about 10 days and nothing arrived. I emailed him to check and see when exactly he sent. Well, no reply. So I try to go to his page to make sure I got the email address correct. Well, I can't find his page, and I figured the easiest way to find it woulds be to check my "pending trades" list to find his name and username. Trouble is, our pending trade was not there!! I thought I had posted it, but I thought maybe I forgot (but it was in the back of m mind that he had deleted it!)I post it again, and finally find his GTZ page...he had changed his email address since I heard from him last!! So, I email him to his new address, giving him the benefit of the doubt, telling him I posted the trade, and to let me know on the status of his package. No reply again. A few days later, the trade is deleted once again.I wasted my good money to go buy him an item that he wanted from the very beginning. I didn't have to go out and find an extra Saturn so I can trade with him. And once the deal is finalized and posted, he backs out without a word, deletes the trade, and cost me good money in the process. do not trade with him, you never know what mind of mess you are getting yourself into.