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Bad Traders Reported by bil4l

AhmedJohnson Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs28-Dec-2011
Status: active
Address: 212 edward st. apt.2 schenectady ny 12304
Reporter: bil4l

So I shipped the games out to this trader THE DAY OF the trade agreement (a Saturday), dropped $14 on Priority Mail, and he received on the next Monday (One business day).

So this guy, like everyone else that has reported him as a bad trader, marks things sent, does not actually send them, and when called on it, tries to put the blame on anything but himself.
He says the mail system being slow: "its christmas MAIL GOES SLOW it's been 2 weeks at most in all cases". I have never had a first class package take more than ONE week, let alone two. Rather than taking blame and saying he hasn't shipped, he continues to act like it's in the mail. It would be far less frustrating if this guy would just fess up, admit he hasn't shipped stuff, and disclose what is actually going on. If I knew he was just struggling to get everything together, I would have been more patient, but the fact that he is acting like my frustration is unwarranted is the most aggravating part. He really shouldn't be starting up 20+ trades if he can't make them happen in a reasonable time-frame

I have shipped items Media Mail that have arrived at the recipient faster than the two weeks that I have been waiting for my end of the deal to arrive, so I'm not sure exactly who this guy is trying to fool, but I know I'm not the only one that is frustrated waiting on some resolution to this matter.

Like others have said, I will be happy to remove my BTR once a satisfactory resolution is made.

Case and point shown with the traders response. Refuses to address the fact that he didn't use delivery confirmation, continue to blame the mail. USPS states "estimated delivery time is two to three days". Mail doesn't seem to be going slow for any other traders on the site....If he had actually shipped and used a DC there would be proof of the items being sent. Why aren't there dozens of other BTRs for traders all over the site if mail is going so slow? This trader needs to take some accountability. The proof of his lying is in the other BTRs on this guy where he said he shipped, and then two weeks later said he was actually shipping out. Stop trying to scam people.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (4-Jan-2012)