Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by gauu

Chaos182 BTRs13-Jun-2012
Status: active
Aliases: dominic carvalho
Address: 2405 Martin Luther King jr Dr. Apt #16 Peoria, IL. 61604
Reporter: gauu

had a loan of 120 with him with a payback of 130 by june 7th 2012. hes been mia on the site since may 25th and isnt responding to emails i sent him either. i have a feeling that hes abandoned this site. all i want is at least the money back that i loaned him and ill remove this btr.

editing on 6-25-12.
hes logged in on the 24th of june still no message contacting me and he wont respond to emails at all either.

editing on 7-16-12
hes logged in on numerous occasions up to july 15th and is just completely ignoring any replys.