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Bad Traders Reported by BTD

wrxguy05 BTRs19-Jan-2009
Status: active
Address: Cindy Cooke, 8245 pagoda drive, springhill,florida , 34606
Reporter: BTD

I just never got my stuff. Just look at the pending trade. Also-my things have been sent for a while and she/he has recieved (I have proof in chat logs if necessary) This was out last convo:

Session Start: Mon Dec 01 22:36:00 2008
Session Ident: wrxguy05
[22:36] Session Ident: wrxguy05 (GameTZ, BTD) (
[22:36] <wrxguy05> hey sir
01[22:37] <BTD> hello
[22:39] <wrxguy05> whats up
01[22:40] <BTD> not much
01[22:40] <BTD> just working on school work and what not
[22:40] <wrxguy05> kool
[22:40] <wrxguy05> so our trade..... anything else you want besides DC games cuz he dont have any to trade off
[22:40] <wrxguy05> lmk
01[22:40] <BTD> uh
01[22:41] <BTD> saturn games?
01[22:41] <BTD> neo geo cd games?
01[22:41] <BTD> pc engine games?
[22:48] <wrxguy05> none of the above
01[22:49] <BTD> damn
01[22:49] <BTD> some monies?
[22:49] <wrxguy05> possible i have to see what i have left
[22:49] <wrxguy05> i got rid of a lot of them
[22:49] <wrxguy05> lol
[22:49] <wrxguy05> sorry i have another im going
01[22:50] <BTD> np
[22:50] <wrxguy05> talking to my older bro
01[22:50] <BTD> that's cool
[22:50] <wrxguy05> how much $$ we talking
01[22:51] <BTD> you tell me
[22:51] <wrxguy05> let me look up prices
01[22:51] <BTD> kk
[22:51] <wrxguy05> do you still want a copy of mario for GBA
01[22:52] <BTD> nah
[22:52] <wrxguy05> ok so give me a few and i will link you towhat i find..... fair enough
01[22:52] <BTD> not a prob
[22:52] <wrxguy05> kool
[22:52] <wrxguy05> bbiab
[22:57] <wrxguy05> ok i have jam sessions for 8.95 and lost magic for5.40
[22:57] <wrxguy05> both on amazon
[22:57] <wrxguy05> x-mas nights i saw for 23
[22:58] <wrxguy05> would be 97.34
[22:58] <wrxguy05> 37.34
01[22:59] <BTD> sounds ok to me
[23:00] <wrxguy05> let me se what i can do about it... willing to work with me a lil longer
01[23:00] <BTD> sure
[23:01] <wrxguy05> ok ....... i will keep you in the loop
01[23:01] <BTD> sounds good

This will come down when I either get $37.34 or that much $ worth of stuff. Doesn't matter to me.

Contact information :

Seems this lady is named cindy riordan. Got married and is now cindy riordan Cooke. Phone 352-666-4856.

Her mother is Nancy Riordan.