Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by hasone2

GaminDaddy007 BTRs18-Nov-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Donald Wilson, SirGamingGod
Address: 16690 Ore Claim Trail Lathrop,CA 95330
Reporter: hasone2

First off - it now says "1 Incident Reported" on my profile page. Which makes it look like I am the bad trader in this situation. A bad trader gets a BTR or many BTRs on the top of there profile. It is the first thing you see before scrolling down to see the profile. When this all took place this guy eventually had like 8 BTRs. It took 2 months to get delivery of the game I traded him for. He made many trades in the time he said mine was sent and him saying he had sent it was not true. Then GamingGod said he didn't actually own the game anymore he had to sell it and was trying to find another for me. Strange story, seemed mostly like it was all untrue or a horrible twist of luck and bad deals made and such. Anyway, took a long time to get the game and it was looking like he was lying and stealing from multiple users before skipping town with many traded items. I had the police knock on his door cause his story changed and changed and he made more trades in addition to the few he had already going and eventually said his account was hacked and he is not GamingGod but that he would honor the trade when he could financially. What? So the cops went to be sure he was actually still living at the address I sent my game to, and he was the trader the cops talked to. And so the cops told me I should have the game or money in a week and this trader he says to me it will take him a long time to send but he will send but after he sends other traders there stuff first, other that made trades with him after I had. Really a very bad trade experience to have. I thought he was crazy for sure and the cop said he gave him a week and sure enough I eventually got my trade.