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Kleenkane BTRs16-Aug-2000
Status: active
Aliases: kleenkane
Address: 815 california ave. #f monrovia CA 91061
Reporter: avgs

him and i made a trade on 6/01/2000, i sent him a TRS-80 color computer 2, and he was supposed to give me Super Smash bros. cart only for the N64. well, i sent on 6/05/2000 (and i have the reciept to prove it) and he got it soon there after. but i waited and never got super smash bros. i kept asking him if he had sent and he kept giving me excusses like he was moving so it was boxed up, then his friend was borrowing it and he lived 30 min away so he couldnt send it. then last saturday(8/5/2000) i got him on AIM and asked him what the deal was, he gave me the 'my friend has it' excuss. i told him to get it and send it or im posting a BTR and he said ok. he told me that he sent it out tuesday(8/8/2000) well today is wednesday(8/16/2000) and i still do not have my super smash bros. and man i want that game to!!

i will take this down as soon as i get the game, i think i have been more the patient with this trade, im tierd of it, and i want the game.