Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Dustin

forgotten_damage BTRs17-Sep-2010
Status: active
Aliases: Trevor Davis
Address: 1496 Hwy 17N Clarkesville GA 30523
Reporter: Dustin

I bought some blank DVD+R DL discs off of this guy for $5. I didn't really care about $5 that much, so I sent it to him. A few hours later, bill found out he was actually forgotten_damage, who has a bunch of older BTRs. Here's a link to his user page -

As you can see from his picture (on his forgotten_damage page), this guy is a complete douche. He probably needed my $5 to buy some better clothes or a much less stupid looking hat. I can't really blame him because he does look pretty stupid. He also looks like he thinks he's tough, but he's probably not.

Anyway, I'm guessing this BTR will never be resolved since he's already been banned twice. However, for me to remove the BTR, I would need my $5 back, some blank DVD+R DL discs, or even an updated picture of him looking more like an adult and less like a punk.