Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Kevster

salex12 BTRs1-Aug-2012
Status: active
Aliases: Lee Alexander
Address: 6214 Rime Village Dr Apt 202 Huntsville AL 35806
Reporter: Kevster

Agreed to trade on June 29th, on July 6th I messaged him to ask about status and he wrote:

Hey. My apologies, I ended up going out of town for a few days leading up to the 4th and didn't send out before. I already have the Ryans packaged up so I'll be dropping them at the Post Office today after I leave work. I'll get you the tracking number tonight. Sorry for the delay.

Fair Enough life happens, checked again on July 14th and says:

I just sent your package with the automated kiosk early tonight with Priority Shipping. I purchased the Delivery Confirmation, but the tacking number doesn't show on the reciept. It does show that the expected delivery date is Thursday July 19th. I think that I accidentally hit that there was a customs form on it because it usually gives the DC # on the receipt, whereas this one says "see attached form". Either way, the Nolan Ryans are on their way to you now and should be there Thursday. Sorry for taking so long to get the things sent to you, and I hope you enjoy them

Confusing but ok.

I then get contacted by someone on July 25th who received my items instead of me, looks like the shipment got goofed up, which I'm willing to accept but as of today I have heard nothing from the guy, and the guy that received the items wants 10.00 to ship them to me. Please rectify this by paying this 3rd person for shipping them to me or refund what i sent you via paypal is all I ask.

8-2-2012 paid 10.00 to have package sent to me from wrong address, 10.00 gifted paypal and I will remove the BTR

steepdrop BTRs18-Dec-2000
Status: active
Aliases: steepdrop
Address: 5712 Magnolia Ave Rialto CA 92377
Reporter: Kevster

We agreed in a trade for my Chrono Cross for three animes. I sent Chrono Cross out by UPS and he said he sent mine as well. He has since not responded to any emails and I have recieved nothing. When I recieve a response or items I'll take this down

Update 1-2-00

Finally emailed me and offered to include another anime because of the delay. Sent Address again and we will see what happens

Update 1-11-00

Emailed me on 1-9, said tapes were sent out Monday we'll see what happens

Update 1-15-00
One week later and still no videos, this person has no desire to send anything period. Avoid him otherwise

Update 3-6-01

He has now relogged back in under new email address: Nothing has changed where are my videos?

sirkakkarot BTRs29-Nov-2000
Status: active
Reporter: Kevster

I agreed to a trade in which i sent 10 nes games and Final Fantasy Tactics for a dex drive and starcraft. After a long wait fron him we both recieved our items. A few days later he sent another email claiming fft was too scratched to play. I had no problem with that and agreed to send him 10 more nes games to make up for it ( I included a psx game for him as well). He responded he recieved them but ive recieved nothing for over a month. He emailed said he forgot and would send it back. Been 2 weeks no response from him and no fft


Sent email 12-21 apologizing and wanting me to send address again, but as of 1-3-01 no fft. Avoid this guy at all cost.

litafan BTRs11-Aug-2000
Status: active
Reporter: Kevster

I cant believe this, I sent NBA2k over a month ago was told fear effect was sent. He confirmed receving nba2k and claimed he eventually sent fear effect. Now his account is inactive and I have nothing and no responses from him Ugh this is not my week. I have the original invoice for what i sent and all emails if there are any questions. When I get the game this goes away(: Thank you