Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Starwave27

Kyo9599 BTRs6-Apr-2007
Status: active
Address: 7510 Manigold Ct., Alexandria Va, 22315
Reporter: Starwave27

After asking him multiple times about our trade status, seeing he still logs on every few days with no response and him getting 2 BTRs so far, its time to file mines.

He says hes been in the hospital, yet he still been logging on here for the past few days and doesn't respond to any of the msgs except the last I heard from him was March 24th which he said he had his mother send the package because he was in the hospital.

We pended the trade on March 5th where I send: Nokia 6102 cellphone unlocked complete, cellphone case, Official Nokia headset, Official data cable + CD

and him: Peacemaker vols. 2-7 (DVDs) unopened, Children of Mana (DS) unopened, Valkyrie Profile 2: Sylmeria (PS2) complete

I mailed mines with insurance and I know he has recieved it already. Insurance tracking #: VD 333 425 346 US yet I still have NOT recieve anything from him.

I will be filing for mail fraud as well as its about $150 worth of items there. I will also be contact his local police department. Its not the first time I had police visited those who ripped me off and reprossed my items while arrested him/her/them.

Alli - You had your chance, I'm no turnover when you chose the wrong person to rip off.

I already contacted his local Alexandria Police Dept as well as mines. Anyone who is getting ripped by Alli can contact his local police at (703) 838-4444 and they will give you instructions on what to do.

glorfindel Israel BTRs15-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Eyal Katz, Ramat Hasharon, Izhak
Address: 10A, PO BOX 2523, ZIP CODE 47240, ISRAEL
Reporter: Starwave27

Eyal contacted me for a trade offer for my The Dagger of Amon Ra and Crime City PC games for his The Elder Scrolls III: Marrowind -- Collector's Edition. Obviously this was a too good to be true trade and I agreed to it. The trade was pending on Sept 26th and I shipped my package on Sept 28th via Air Mail. The postal clerk forget to scan in the label serial # so it does not appear on my receipt.

After being contacted by 2 traders who also posted BTRs on him below said Eyal has confirmed recieving their packages, but they have not receive Eyal's. It's been half a month and I know he also received mines. I have traded with 2 other traders from Israel before with no problems. Plus our packages took around 1-2 weeks to get to each other.

I e-mailed Eyal and surprisingly he replied very quick, an hour later! shock I asked if he can send me a scan of the postal receipt so I can see if he actually sent his side of the trade. Since then, he never replied. I'm guessing after he got all those BTRs.

Basically my story is about the same as Jon's.

As of now, I still have not received his package.

guybrush123 Canada BTRs10-Jun-2002
Status: active
Address: 12074 Gee St., Maple Ridge BC, V2X 7M6, Canada
Reporter: Starwave27

Sorry Kyle, but my patience has grown thin... wry smile

My 1st trade with Kyle went smoothly back in June 2000. We made a deal on March 22, 2002 where I trade an unopened Empire Earth for his Devil May Cry and Mortal Kombat 4. Because I traded with him before with no problem, I sent around the same time a couple of days later (still have Postal receipt). He confirmed his side of the trade approx. 3 weeks later so I know he has received Empire Earth.

I know packages from Canada to U.S. takes a little longer than packages from U.S. to Canada. 1/2 a month later I began to worry and e-mailed him about it and received a reply on April 23rd:

"I mailed the package shortly after we pended. However, I just recieved it back today, the address was written down incorrectly, I'm sorry :(. It will be back out tommorrow morning."

So I waited for another month. I still did not received his side and e-mailed him again, received a reply on May 29th:

"As I've told all the people that had packages sent out to them within the past two months to two weeks, *every game* was returned to sender (I thought I emailed everyone, but I guess not. That's two people I've missed now :/). My (now ex) girlfriend was the one responsible for that. I'm not going to go into details about her, as I'm just going to get frustrated again. Anyway, every game was sent back in the mail two weeks back, though I used a slower method of shipping (Sorry about that, but having to send everything back out cost me upwards of $50.00 Canadian). Please give the games another week to arrive :/."

Pretty odd to received "every game* back to him. wry smile Anyways, I gave him another week (till end of 1st week of June). Today is the 10th (a little more than a week into June) and still nothing.

I have all original e-mails filed along with the Postal receipt.

Kyle - I will be more than happy to remove this BTR when either your package (DMC & MK4) arrives or receive something in place of it.