Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by oceanfr

MrsTronne BTRs4-Nov-2004
Status: active
Aliases: JanimeSenkai
Reporter: oceanfr

We pended the trade Atelier Elie, Tenchi Muyo (and xmen children of the atom was a freebie) on Sept 29th, he told me he was gonna send payment in 2 weeks and now, tthe 3rd week he mentions that he payed yet I do not see the payment in my pp account. None from a Getbacker ( I responded and asked where the payment was and there was no response so I had to contact the mods. He was communicating indirectly with me, I had to get the mods to send him email for him to respond... (He said he had trouble getting online, which I tend not to believe as he mentioned he would show a proof of payment today (the 2nd day), but I have not heard anything from him since, more than 3 weeks by Nothing!!, Getbacker, I would like to know why you said you have sent the payment, but have not sent anything.. Its completely wasting my time, Im getting no communication from you and Lack of honesty!. So the mods suggested I put up this BTR.