Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Jeffro

Bane_2099 Canada BTRs2-May-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Chris Mabey
Address: 198 Church st. apt.1A Keswick, Ontario Canada 14p1j7
Reporter: Jeffro

This is basically the same as the last two people who posted a bad trader report on Chris. I agreed to trade Final Fantasy Chronicles for Xenogears and Dragonball GT: Final Bout, but he just now e-mailed me and said that he recieved the game yesterday and that it was in excellent condition and a blast to play, but he regrets to inform me that he will not be able to send his part of the deal because he was supposedly robbed, and I just e-mailed him earlier in the week and he said nothing of being robbed, only that my game was not there yet. If I dont have his part of the trade by the end of next week[or my game back] I will get the contact information for his local police from godchyld and press charges. I cant believe someone would actually do this. I have kept all of my e-mails from this trade so if anyboby needs to view them just contact me.

UPDATE-Looks like Chris changed his name to Bob Watson, anyways im just letting people know I recieved Ace Combat 04 and some dreamcast demos about a week ago[Ace Combat 04 kicks ASS!!!]. But I recently recieved an e-mail threatening me and calling me childish names[I hadnt gotten ahold of him about receiving his games, but thats still no reason to send ignorant e-mails] I still advise not trading with this guy, just because its a huge hassle, and he lies. If you do trade with him, make sure he sends first.