Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by rpgsearcherz

vader99 Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 3 Reviews BTRs13-Mar-2013
Status: active
Aliases: Steffan Fazzari
Address: 109 Michelle Dr. Ellenboro, NC 28040
Reporter: rpgsearcherz

Here's the timeline:

October 2nd 2011 : Loan agreement made for repayment over 8 months
October, December, January and February payments received (4/8) 2011-2012
Somewhat decent contact up through August of 2012, then dropped off until February of 2013
In February he said he'd be paying back Admiral first (who he owed money to a lot less time than me), and then following that would finish up mine. I haven't heard back from him since, although he did pay back Admiral and get theirs squared away in February.

I'm hoping he reads this and gets back to me to let me know what's going on. I've been pretty patient through this entire situation but being left in the dark for months at a time isn't something I enjoy. So, Steffan, please get back to me to let me know what's going on.


devilsdealer Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs29-Apr-2012
Status: active
Aliases: Aaron Dobrinski
Address: 1707 9th Ave. Scottsbluff, Ne, 69361
Reporter: rpgsearcherz

Here's the rundown:

09/06/2011: Made a loan agreement with the terms being that I'd give him 1k, he'd pay back 300 per month
10/23/2011: He says he'll start paying back after he "finishes up a few things"
10/26/2011: States that he'll have me fully paid off by income tax time
12/15/2011: States that he's waiting on taxes
01/20/2012: States that he's filed his taxes and is just waiting on them
01/30/2012: States that he's still waiting on his taxes and would have the funds "tomorrow" (the following Tuesday)
02/21/2012: States that he'll start paying back March of 2012 at 100 per 2 weeks
04/14/2012: States that he'll "update" me "tomorrow"
04/20/2012: States that he'll "update" me "tonight, promise"
04/21/2012: States that he was going to give an update "tonight"

Nothing has happened past this. He's still yet to give anything at all. It's been 8 days since he was supposed to update me last.

buffduff Gold Global Trader (9) BTRs12-Feb-2012
Status: active
Aliases: Brian Duff
Address: 3481 Fred George Rd, Tallahassee FL 32303
Reporter: rpgsearcherz

I loaned him $1,000 on August 17th of 2011 to be paid back w/ interest on September 16th and October 21st of 2011.

He kept in good contact until December of 2011 where he started slowing down. On January 3rd of 2012 he sent the following PM:

"Hey man, sorry for the scare-I was in jail and just got out a few days ago. Somehow, when I moved the post office failed to forward me my mail for my court date and I had to serve time for failing to appear. I haven't been able to call anyone as my phone was cut off while I was in court, though I can still receive calls and texts-just not outgoing ones. It didn't help that I didn't have my cell phone with me when I was arrested so I didn't have any way of calling my friends to bail me out for a while. I managed to keep my job for now, though I'm not getting paid for the time I was there so things are pretty hectic right now. I'm back now and will work to resolve all of the remaining issues."

I've tried to get a hold of him since then with no luck.

Fable Gold Global Trader (7) BTRs10-Oct-2011
Status: active
Aliases: Brandon Mason
Address: 257 Maryland Drive, Apartment #19 Richmond, KY, 40475
Reporter: rpgsearcherz

Following up on John's BTR. Fable last contacted me near the end of August to let me know he would have funds to send me by the beginning of September. This was the last time he contacted me, despite attempting to get a hold of him. Furthermore, he's been logging in since then (even as late as yesterday).

Hoping maybe this will get his attention and he'll let me know what's going on.

RGamez773 BTRs28-Dec-2010
Status: active
Aliases: Robert J.
Address: 2629 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19146
Reporter: rpgsearcherz

I loaned him $15 on December 2nd to be paid back in the amount of $18 on December 16th. As of this point he hasn't paid me back, and also hasn't responded to my last couple PM's, despite still logging on to the site.

I'll leave the BTR up until he pays me.

07/06/2011 -- This is just an update to say that he got a hold of me last night and let me know he plans to make right on this trade. Stated that I'd remove the BTR after. We'll see how it goes!