Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Sweatyspider

aagueros BTRs27-Sep-2007
Status: active
Address: 1132 SE 7th Street, Lee's Summit MO, 64063
Reporter: Sweatyspider

On August 2nd 2007, new user aagueros offered to trade me his WarHammer: Mark Of Chaos for my Fable: The Lost Chapters. I agreed to the trade, and sent Fable out on August 11th.

Since the pending of the trade, I have not heard from aagueros and have no idea if he has sent or received, since as of this posting he has not logged into the site since August 4th. He also has not responded to Game TZ messages I have sent to him, asking if he has sent WarHammer out.

Nearly two months have gone by since this trade was pended; I certainly think that's long enough for aagueros to have at least sent, or to have contacted me if there was some kind of problem.

gorf888 BTRs12-Jan-2007
Status: active
Aliases: mdauphin
Address: PO BOX 16471, ROCHESTER NY 14616
Reporter: Sweatyspider

I agreed to a large trade with gorf888 (around 20 games in total), and I sent my end with a tracking number. gorf888 received the package about a week later, according to the tracking number (but didn't mark it as "received" on GameTZ for some reason).

The tracking number (at is CX 126 010 365 CA.

Six weeks go by, and I had still not received my end of the trade. I contacted gorf888, and he said that he had received and sent (but didn't mark it as "sent" on GameTZ).

More time passes. Still nothing. gorf888 hasn't responded to messages saying I haven't received, nor have I have received my end of the trade. I'm out 10 games plus the $20 I had to spend on shipping the large package.

These are the games I sent out:

1) Carnivores
2) Carnivores 2
3) Carnivores: Ice Age
4) Army Men RTS
5) I Was an Atomic Mutant!
6) Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
7) Links 2003
8) Need for Speed: Underground 2
9) Shark! Hunting the Great White
10) Unreal Tournament 2004

I was supposed to get these in return:

1) Beyond Divinity
2) IGI 2: Covert Strike
3) Micro Commandos
4) Midnight Club II
5) Moto Racer 3
6) Odium
7) Pro Race Driver
8) Vietcong: Purple Haze
9) Alien Blast: The Encounter
10) Civilization III: Play the World
11) Hegemonia: Legions of Iron

rokkinya BTRs23-Dec-2006
Status: active
Address: 1651 S. Dobson Rd. #141, Mesa AZ, 85202
Reporter: Sweatyspider

I had two trades pending with this user. Originally, I was going to send Horizons, The Sims: Deluxe Edition and Kid Rock - Devil Without A Cause. In return, I was to receive Age Of Sail II: Privateer's Bounty, Golf Resort Tycoon, and Silent Hill 2. The trades were pended a day or so apart, but it was agreed that all the items would be sent at the same time.

Just after the trades were agreed to, the other user claimed he couldn't find Golf Resort Tycoon, and asked me to pick something else from his Available list. I chose 1602 AD.

A couple of days later, the other trader said he was on his way out the door to mail the package, and broke the Silent Hill 2 disc. He asked if I would take Dungeon Lords as a replacement. I agreed, and since Dungeon Lords is worth more than Silent Hill 2, I offered to even the trade up a little by including The Sims: Vacation. The other trader agreed to this.

So, after a bit of re-negotiating, the trade was to be as follows. I would send: The Sims: Deluxe Edition, The Sims: Vacation, Horizons, and the Kid Rock CD. I would receive 1602 AD, Age Of Sail II, and Dungeon Lords.

On May 19th 2006, I sent the above items. To this date, I have not received my end of the trade, nor have I received any information as to whether the other trader has received, or if he has sent out the games we agreed on. Messages I have sent to this trader asking if he has sent have not been answered.