Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Lakitu

GameManger BTRs16-Oct-2003
Status: active
Reporter: Lakitu

We made a trade on Sept. 27 was my $20 paypal for his SOCOM Navy Seals(PS2). Since he was a new trader and seemed like an alright guy, I agreed to send $10 now, then after I get SOCOM I would send the other $10, all via paypal. I sent the $10, and he said he was gonna send out Monday, which was Sept. 29. I had to leave after I made the trade, so I logged off. I sent him an e-mail monday asking if he got the chance to ship out that day, as he said he would. I got no response. I sent another e-mail a few days later, still nothing. Finally after no replies I told him that I was going to report him and give him a BTR if he did not respond. I still have got nothing, and so this is why this BTR is up. I am thinking that he was not serious about trading, and just made a free account to get some quick cash. He also has ripped off another user, jarcat, for $5 now, $5 later. I have talked to him and he has got no sign of a response either. His Paypal e-mail is the same as his normal one, I guess I will have to learn who I can and can not trust. I will take this BTR off if either:
1. I get my $10 back
2. I get SOCOM