Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Mendo

Q_BooGIE BTRs23-Jan-2004
Status: active
Address: 730 Oakland Place Apt 12G
Reporter: Mendo

We pended a trade back on December 8th. I was to buy him a PS2 headset off ebay and Soul Calibur 2, and he was to send me Counter Strike and Max Payne 2 both for Xbox. So i sent out my stuff and he got them, he claimed he sent out his pakage but it was sent back to him because of the wrong address. And now he is on vacation and wont be back until Febuary 24th. I think he is lieing, i have tried sending him e-mails way back, i got one reply saying that he is going to get his mom to send the package out for him on January 14th..... that was 9 days ago. I have been trying to be patient. But I just want my games. I found his home phone number, but wont post it for privacy reasons, but i will call. I am going to go buy a calling card later on today. I also have contacted his local police already and they told me to wait it out for a while longer to get a response and if i dont for a couple weeks they said they would send someone over. I spoke with Officer Paley if you recognize him. Anyways, i will gladly take down this BTR when i get my items or recieve sufficent funds that i payed in order to buy his items. Either one will do. This BTR is too give him a push so that i dont have to go filing all that mail fraud stuff again. But be warned, i will not let this guy get away, seeing as i have his phone number and address and contact with his police i am lucky! Do th right thing, dont go scamming people, how would it feel if you were in my position?


I know hes signing into Gametz so he must have read this BTR, Q_Boogie, please AIM me or sent me an e-mail, i beleive we can still work this out and i'll delete this BTR. All i want is an answer..... If not i will file mail fraud and phone Officer Paley again..... i do also have your number and will give a call to your mom if you dont respond. Let me know


Still no word from him, he has logged on, but i found a few users in his area that said they'd pay him a visit. Here is his number and the local police in the area

Bronx County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Tersa Mason
332 E 149th St
Bronx, New York 10451

And here is his Phone Number!! 718-220-4820 FEEL FREE TO CALL

DeathRow7x7 BTRs19-Dec-2003
Status: active
Aliases: Death Row
Address: 1267 Highway 27 DeQuincy, LA 70633
Reporter: Mendo

Well this took place a LONG time ago, about the time when these BTRs showed up. The thing was i was to sell him my RE2 for $30. He DID send the money order, but it was the wrong one, so i sent it back and he was supposed to send me another one so i can cash it in. (That is why the trade was completed). I thought i could trust him, but i did talk to him after and talked to his mother and it seems like he doesnt live there anymore, so this might just be a lost cause...

I know hes in a lot of family issues and with his girlfriend but if he ever reads this maybe he'll remember and come to his senses......

steinkat BTRs29-Jun-2003
Status: active
Address: Matt Stein, 50 Rottingham Ct., Edwardsville, IL 62025, USA
Reporter: Mendo

Enough is Enough

I was concered after a couple weeks of not recieving the game that he didnt send, so i msg'd him and he told me it was sent, so i waited, its been a while and I've written to u several times over aol, and still no response, msg after msg of asking wats up. still nothing, its only been a month but i am 100% he is pulling sumthing, no replys no nothing.

soo.... these are the steps i plan on making

1.) find his local police... and i did...

2.) File mail Fraud..and i will if i dont get a response,.....

3.) File a Complaint to the FFCI and the National Fraud Information Center

4.) Go visit him
Matt Stein
50 Rottingham Ct.
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Again, save us both the trouble and send either the game or money back, just reply soon before its too late and u end up in jail man.... do the right thing

I e-mailed him couple days ago... this is wat he said..

what? what do i owe you. i am really sorry if i have something that you are supposed to get. i have moved and i was in NY for a month

I'm pretty confused at this point but i believe he is just playing, and that isnt cool. I gave him a chance to make this right with that e-mail and not a reply after that.... so.... i'm buying a phonecard, and if i dont get an answer i will call his police sometime early next week.