Bad Traders

Bad Traders

KingofGames Has Written 2 Reviews BTRs8-Sep-2021
Status: active
Aliases: Adrian Olivera
Address: 126 Duke Ave. Ventura, CA 93003
Reporter: Dasgessabel

A trade for my money ($100 PayPal + Shipping) for his bundle of PC games (

This trade has been pending since July of 2020. Initially, I needed to hold off on payment a bit due to some real life issues. I asked whether he wanted to cancel or keep it pending, and we both agreed that we would just put it on a slight hold. I did send the shipping money ($30) the next day, as he stated he wanted to send the games out then rather than have them sitting around - I was fine waiting or not waiting, I was leaving that up to him. After this, I ended up freezing my account briefly to deal with said real life issues. Couple of months later I come back and apologized, offering to cancel/resolve however we needed to as it had been some time and I would understand if he had sold them elsewhere. The following is the correspondence of the rest of the trade (oldest at bottom, newest message at top):

on 12-Jul-2021 at 12:29pm Dasgessabel Just checking in again haha. Like I said, if we need to cancel, no worries!
on 17-Jun-2021 at 1:17am KingofGames I will try my best to have them out this weekend. Next week for sure otherwise.
on 16-Jun-2021 at 3:55pm Dasgessabel Any updates on this? Let me know when you can
on 11-May-2021 at 7:19pm Dasgessabel No worries, just offering alternative solutions if issues did arise. Thanks for the update
on 11-May-2021 at 7:14pm KingofGames They are all boxed up and ready to go. If I can't get them out before the end of this week, they will definitely be out by early next week. Sorry it's taken so long on my end.
on 10-May-2021 at 10:59am Dasgessabel If we need to cancel this, its definitely not an issue. I understand if you moved them while I was away dealing with crap. Things sort or conspired against it from the start. Id eat the 30 shipping fee I sent way back then when we first initiated the trade if you printed a label and never sent, and you could just pay back the $120 i sent recently. Just let me know!
on 12-Apr-2021 at 12:20pm KingofGames Crap! Yes I did! I will have your games out in the next few days. Thanks for getting the payment over!
on 12-Apr-2021 at 12:19pm KingofGames I have received.
on 12-Apr-2021 at 12:19pm Dasgessabel Just making sure you got the money! And that everything is good still
on 2-Apr-2021 at 4:33pm Dasgessabel I sent on 2-Apr-2021.
on 31-Mar-2021 at 10:09am Dasgessabel I was hoping I'd get my stimulus check but no clue where that is. I'll have you paid in full this weekend regardless and ill toss in a $20 spot for how long it has taken.
on 16-Mar-2021 at 2:50am KingofGames No worries! I got the payment, we're almost there.
on 15-Mar-2021 at 10:57pm Dasgessabel Sorry for the delay, sent $30. Rest incoming hopefully fairly quick. I would've delayed it to do it all in one payment, but I didn't want you to think I wasn't ever going to pay so wanted to get the ball rolling lol.
on 9-Mar-2021 at 9:19pm KingofGames Sweet sounds good
on 9-Mar-2021 at 8:51pm Dasgessabel In the process of transferring some funds, I'll have part of it paid this week and the rest probably next week, if that's ok yes Sorry it has taken so long again, crap fell apart the last few months before Christmas, bunch of dominoes falling all at once.
on 6-Mar-2021 at 12:27am KingofGames You've already covered shipping, so just the $100 for the games themselves.
on 5-Mar-2021 at 5:47pm Dasgessabel So how much do I owe on this? I can possibly send part now and part in a week or two
on 19-Feb-2021 at 10:50pm KingofGames Awesome! Definitely, let's do it.
on 18-Feb-2021 at 5:56pm Dasgessabel I'm finally back on here after some major issues. I can understand if you got rid of these during that time, but I can have you paid by the 5th of March probably if we still want to do this.

Basically, at the end, I offered to eat the original $30 shipping fee, and just want the $120 (the additional $20 spot I sent to help make up for my delays in sending full payment I'm including as well). I doubt that he still has the games after all this time, which is fine, but then just refund the money. I suppose the trade was doomed from the start.

Victor6475 BTRs15-Jul-2020
Status: active
Aliases: Refugio Rosales
Address: Unknown
Reporter: Rollobobo

As we all know, our Instawatch movies were pulled. I thought it would be fair if we split the difference since I lost over 45 movies and counting. I presented fair terms and was even "sympathetic" to what happened. Even though I would be the bigger loser in the end, I thought this would be agreeable. All I got was a sorry and a no response to my suggestion. I have been MORE THAN fair and allowed adequate time to process what happened and terms. Seems like I am being ghosted now. So disappointing as communication was fantastic in the beginning. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

I would like Victor to at least show some good faith and refund $25 of the money I have paid him and we can go our separate ways. Please consider how many people got screwed over here and how you still got everyones money. Karma.

Victor6475 BTRs3-Jul-2020
Status: active
Address: Unknown
Reporter: FenDiesel

I bought about $30 worth of InstantWatch movie codes. They all started disappearing from my account while he has the money I paid him. This is straight up theft.

Asking he return the money I gave him for the movies he's stole back from me.

Neko BTRs28-Oct-2019
Status: active
Aliases: Danielle Dodd
Address: 1114 Hickory DR Morris, AL 35116 PO Box 251 Morris, AL 35116
Reporter: ued222

I have yet to be repaid funds for loans

PO Box 251 Morris, AL 35116

Rakurau93 BTRs10-Sep-2019
Status: active
Aliases: Gilbert
Address: 3147 S Fairfield Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85282
Reporter: JanRose

It has been over two months since we initiated our trade. I was to send Spiderman Ps4 and he was to send Super Smash Brothers Melee. Simply put, I sent first and have sent since August. The item has been delivered and all should be in order on his side. Yet it seems he has dropped off the face of the earth. He has not sent his game to me, has not answered my multiple calls to action, and has apparently dropped off the site completely as he has not logged on for months. All in all, I will only take away the BTR if he sends back Spiderman Ps4 or completes the trade we originally agreed upon.