Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Wolf825

ComeGetSome BTRs25-Sep-2011
Status: active
Address: 3195 Lakewood Drive, Memphis, TN 38128
Reporter: Wolf825

09/13 - Pended a trade with ComeGetSome - $10 Amazon GC before delivery, $30 Amazon GC upon delivery (from me) for Dead Island (360), complete, excellent condition (from ComeGetSome). I informed Kyle (ComeGetSome), if that's his real name, that I would need him to ship quickly - same day or next day after I send payment - to take advantage of my 10-day vacation. I had to ask for his name and email address, since he didn't provide them, even after the offer was accepted.
Reported that he received the $10 gift card code via email and that he would ship later that day and provide the tracking number.
09/14 - I asked for the tracking number.
09/15 - He claimed tracking number was still not showing...two days after he said he shipped the game.
09/18 - Asked for tracking number again. No response, despite logging into his account.
09/19 - Asked for tracking number again. No response, despite logging into his account.
09/20 - Asked for my money back in the form of concealed cash or a USPS Money Order, since my vacation ended and the price dropped on the game. No response, despite logging into his account.
09/22 - Asked for my money back again. No response, despite logging into his account. At this stage, I send an email to the address I sent the GC code to, and informed him I would be filing a BTR and contacting his local authorities in a couple of days if he didn't respond.
09/25 - BTR filed. No response, despite his logging into his account.

At this point, I no longer want the game. I can get it cheaper now, and I don't trust him. I want my money back.

Kyle insisted I send first...even a token of the full amount in good faith. I had a feeling, immediately after I clicked 'accept' that something was wrong.
I should know better, being a long term trader. The lesson learned is...never send first to a new trader...especially when they DEMAND you send first. A new trader has no right to demand anything. Anyone who does is a Kyle here.

Avoid this lying, deceitful scum like the plague and don't do business with him. And, Kyle, if you're ever in NY, well, nevermind...I know your cowardly ass would never come out from behind your PC monitor.

Waiting for the excuse/justification part now: Sorry, but (insert one), a) car broke down; b) was seriously hurt/sick; c) lost job; d) relative died; e) forgot about trade; f) unexpected bill came up and have no money to send; g) you claim you sent it, but somehow I never received it.

EDIT (10-10-11): Kyle has contacted me a few times via email. He claims he sent the game, but is refusing to post the delivery confirmation. He is trying to extort money from me, claiming he will contact my job and my relative, informing them I am a bad, deceitful person...if I don't send him more money. Also, he has made veiled threats, claiming he has 'seen' my house (Google maps?) and asking about one of my relatives by name (junior Internet detective). $10 is no big thing, but Kyle, if you are threatening my family, you have a very bleak future in store for you. I promise.

Out of 1,500 100% positive online transactions among 5 different websites, I don't think I'm out to screw you over $30, you dope. Plus, if your junior Internet detective skills were up to par, you would have noticed I have since bought Dead Island from someone else. Doesn't make much sense to spend $40 to cover up $30, does it? You moron.