Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Drico

wrxguy05 BTRs9-Aug-2008
Status: active
Address: 8245 Pagoda St Springhill, FL 34606
Reporter: Drico

I sent him 2 brand new/sealed PS3 games and agreed to wait until May 30th for the payment, at the latest. It's now December and I have not received my money. He never talks to me anymore and it seems he is no longer even acknowledging the fact that he owes me $55.00. This joker stole 2 of my games after I was nice enough to agree to send him the games and wait a month for the money because I wanted to help him out. He said he was having financial troubles and what-not but never offered to send my games back. Over the span of 8 months he can't ship my games back or come up with $55? This guy is a RIP OFF. STRAIGHT UP.