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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueC

Pros and Cons

  • Very fun gameplay
  • There is a lot to do
  • Easy to learn controls
  • You have minions to control
  • Limited replay value
  • Online play is slow, even with a max of 2 players

Overlord (Xbox 360)

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You play as the Overlord, freshly awakened from your slumber. Your job is to take over a mysterious world by controlling minions. Along the way you will face bosses, choose between mistresses, and choose whether to be corrupt or pure hearted.



Overlord is a RPG that will grant you many hours of fun. You play as an evil being known simply as the Overlord. You are awakened by Gnarl, a little creature that guides you through your journey. You are given control of little creatures, or minions, who are blindly loyal to you and will die for your cause. You will face many choices along the way, and they will determine if you are a corrupt Overlord feared by villagers, or a kind Overlord respected by villagers.

You begin your journey in an old, worn down tower you call home. You have many tasks to complete in Overlord. Fixing your tower, acquiring new minions, killing "heroes," upgrading your armor and weapons, liberating or enslaving villagers, acquiring new spells. You will do all of this in a large world divided up into four smaller worlds: Evernight Forest (home of the Elves), Heaven's Peak (infested with zombies), Mellow Hills (controlled by Halflings) and Golden Hills (controlled by Dwarves). There is also a smaller world called the Ruborian Desert (controlled by Ninjas). Each world contains a boss or "hero" as they are called in the game, as well as many side quests. All in all, you will wind up fighting 7 bosses, and 33 different types of enemies.

As mentioned before there is a lot of upgrading you can do. There are three types of metal to make your armor with: Steel (worst), Durium (middle) and Arcadium (best). You can upgrade your armor, helmet, and three weapons (axe, mace, sword). In order to do this, you will need a hefty amount of gold, as well as plenty of minions to sacrifice. You also have four different types of spells, with three different levels of lethality: Fire Spells, Shield Spells, Minion Spells and Domination Spells. You can also spend your money on decorating your tower. All in all, it will take about 20-30 hours to completely beat the game, including side quests.

There is online play in this game, although it is very limited. There are three game types, and only two players are supported. There is Co-op Survival, where you and a partner team up to see how long you can survive against waves of enemies. Next is Pillage, where the object of the game is to acquire as much money as possible against a foe. The winner is determined by a preset score or a time limit. Finally, there is Slaughter. In order to win in this game type, you have to score points by killing enemies, or the opposing Overlord. Again, the winner is determined by a preset score or a time limit.

Overall, Overlord is a game designed for the casual gamer. If you are new to the RPG genre, this would be a good game to use as a stepping stone for other RPG games that are more intense, such as Oblivion and Two Worlds. This is a good game to pick up and play for an hour here or a half-hour there.

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