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Completed Trades

15-Nov-2002Arazial gets: Suikoden 2 for Playstation
kennyboy gets: $54 money order

20-Aug-2002Arazial gets: Saber Marionette J Volume 2 (dvd)
AgentNein gets: Castlevania Bloodlines (gen)and Metal Gear Solid 2 (ps2)

2-Jul-2002Arazial gets: Valkyrie Profile
Jurassic_Shift gets: $20

18-May-2002Arazial gets: 3rd Party SAT memory cart
AFultz075 gets: Metal Gear, Strider, Dragon Warrior (NES), $5

17-May-2002Arazial gets: Dragon Force
steinkat gets: Treasure Hunter G, Romancing Saga 3 and $10

17-May-2002Arazial gets: Rhapsody of Zephyr
BiologicalError gets: Halo

14-May-2002Arazial gets: Was Winner of RPG Contest #3
GreatDekuTree gets: $5

11-May-2002Arazial gets: cost of shipping
Longknife gets: American Pie VHS

6-May-2002Arazial gets: some money
slacker8369 gets: some old psx games

2-May-2002Arazial gets: Fushigi Yugi Volume 6 and Slayers Movie
Aries_Gainsbourgh gets: $12

29-Apr-2002Arazial gets: Was winner of Anime Contest #2
Soxicide gets: $5

27-Apr-2002Arazial gets: Was winner of RPG Contest #2
KarenCuddles gets: $5

20-Apr-2002Arazial gets: Was winner of RPG Contest #1
StarmanDXE gets: $5

20-Apr-2002Arazial gets: $3.50 shipped
atom gets: Beavis and Butthead SNES cart only

11-Apr-2002Arazial gets: Money
ImWatchingU gets: Maximo and Turok 2

8-Apr-2002Arazial gets: was winner of Anime Contest #1
KenshinW95 gets: $5

5-Apr-2002Arazial gets: Final Fantasy 3 (cart) and Wild Arms 2
matrix2001 gets: Super Smash Bros Melee

30-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Rudra No Hiho
PaperStreet_Co gets: Money

28-Mar-2002Arazial gets: $30
Brodacious gets: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)

25-Mar-2002Arazial gets: $35 shipped
Deception_Fan_sjt gets: Dynasty Warriors 3

22-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Parasite Eve + $5
Billy_Bob gets: Castlevania COTM

21-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Macross Plus 1-4
animallyson gets: Dead or Alive 3

19-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Chrono Cross Guide
Alphonso gets: $money$

19-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Treasure Hunter G
Suikoden gets: Guilty Gear X and Devil May Cry

18-Mar-2002Arazial gets: $15
mmpoole8 gets: SSX for PS2

16-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Saga Frontier 2 & Alundra 2 Guides
speedy05 gets: $$$

14-Mar-2002Arazial gets: FF8 Guide
Heagy gets: $7.00 shipped

11-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Sexy Parodius (saturn)
TerraEpon gets: $50 shipped

11-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Shining Force III Scenario 1(Saturn)
Puscifer gets: money

9-Mar-2002Arazial gets: Crystalis (nes)
icejet12 gets: $8 shipped

4-Mar-2002Arazial gets: $50
Aurelius360 gets: Grand theft Auto 3 and Zone of the Enders

3-Mar-2002Arazial gets: $23
JNP20 gets: Silent Hill 2 (ps2)

28-Feb-2002Arazial gets: Star Ocean and Tenchi Muyo Soundtrack
PaperStreet_Co gets: Ace Combat 4 and SSX Tricky

25-Feb-2002Arazial gets: Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana (carts only)
Alcibiades gets: Record of Lodoss War, Project Justice, Zelda Oracle of Ages (all complete)

11-Feb-2002Arazial gets: Anime
ShishioMakoto gets: Anime

19-Jan-2002Arazial gets: A bunch of Gi Joes and accessories grin
Soxicide gets: Money, Blank Cdrs, Super Mario kart super circuit

26-Oct-2001Arazial gets: Love Hina Box Set and Vandread Box Set
animedvdseller gets: $56 Money Order

3-Oct-2001Arazial gets: Magic Knight Rayearth Dvd Box Set, Flame of Recca Dvd Box Set
animedvdseller gets: Final Fantasy, Megaman1, Megaman 4, Mario World, Mario Allstars, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, $52

3-Oct-2001Arazial gets: Berserk dvd set, Steel Angel Kurumi dvd set, Gatekeepers dvd set, Vandread dvd set, You're Under Arrest dvd, Jin-Roh dvd, Natural dvd
animedvdseller gets: $144 money order

23-Jul-2001Arazial gets: 5 Nes Games, 1 Snes Game
Soxicide gets: Soul Calibur + $15

11-Jul-2001Arazial gets: More Anime ^_^
SideSwipe gets: More Anime ^_^

7-Jul-2001Arazial gets: More anime!
SideSwipe gets: More anime!

23-Jun-2001Arazial gets: $$Money$$
Crazed_monkey gets: Donkey Kong 64 w/ Expansion Pak

21-Jun-2001Arazial gets: $$Money$$
Staraang gets: Powerstone 2 + Front Mission 3

18-Jun-2001Arazial gets: $$Money$$
SideSwipe gets: Onimusha Warlords (complete)

18-Jun-2001Arazial gets: Big Anime Lot!
SideSwipe gets: Big Anime Lot!

18-Jun-2001Arazial gets: Friday the 13th (complete)
NeWsKiLLz gets: $5 (including s&h)

16-Jun-2001Arazial gets: desire
RageAM2262 gets: jet grind radio

13-Jun-2001Arazial gets: money
Bobertchin gets: DC keyboard

9-Jun-2001Arazial gets: Albert Odyssey
Spike_Spiegel gets: Skies of Arcadia, Nightwarriors(game only) and Virtua Fighter Kids

9-Jun-2001Arazial gets: Evangelion (saturn)
wreptyle gets: $30

7-Jun-2001Arazial gets: Sega Cd w/ hookups
djmoose gets: Perfect Dark (complete)

5-Jun-2001Arazial gets: Final Fantasy (nes cart only)
latinoheat83 gets: The King of Fighters 99 (psx) + $5

1-Jun-2001Arazial gets: Bahamut Lagoon (complete)
endrium gets: $50 (including s&h)

29-May-2001Arazial gets: Sega Master System with hookups
supergameboy gets: Star Fox 64 and $8

24-May-2001Arazial gets: Nights w/ 3d controler (Saturn Complete)
luv2rave24_7 gets: PE 2, ArC Dvd & FF9. (Complete)

23-May-2001Arazial gets: Maystaria for Saturn. complete and in great condition.
Gatsu gets: Thousand Arms complete with Soundtrack, Legend of Dragoon Complete, and Transformers the Movie vhs

21-May-2001Arazial gets: 22.50$ money order
Shelcoof gets: Shenmue Complete and mint for DC

17-May-2001Arazial gets: saturn
Umbrella_Inc gets: Valkyrie Profile

17-May-2001Arazial gets: saturn
Umbrella_Inc gets: cash

16-May-2001Arazial gets: Xenogears Perfect Works Book
Sartori gets: Jet Set Radio (import), Valkyrie Profile, $25

23-Apr-2001Arazial gets: Cash
Soxicide gets: Cds

3-Mar-2001Arazial gets: nes system with ac, rf, and i controller
chickenpuppet gets: quake 3 arena for DC; complete and in exc shape

7-Feb-2001Arazial gets: $30 (cash) and Megaman 3 (Nes)
Desperado02 gets: Persona 2

3-Feb-2001Arazial gets: Soul Caliber,Jet Set Radio, Utopia Boot Disc,
thegame gets: Grandia(PSX), 3 DVD's Gladiator, Final Destination, The Patriot

22-Jan-2001Arazial gets: Marvel vs Capcom 2 (DC)
jthor2N gets: Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore (PS2)

22-Jan-2001Arazial gets: Powerstone 2 (DC)
jthor2N gets: Summoner (PS2)

23-Oct-2000Arazial gets: 3 Giant Robo Anime Tapes Vol 1,3,5
Kain76 gets: Vanguard Bandits-psx