Pros and Cons

  • Sick tricks and dunks
  • This DVD marks the return of Alimoe to his streetballing "career"
  • Some really amusing mess ups
  • Needs more new dribbling tricks and dunks

And 1 Mixtape: Volume 6 (DVD)

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The Black Widow Alimoe makes his triumphant return to the And1 scene to dunk in your face faster than you can say "Fo shiggity!"



The 6th volume of the extremely entertaining And1 mixtapes stars the streetballing great The Black Widow, Alimoe. Filled with hot shakes (dribbling moves) and dunks by Alimoe, Hot Sauce and other And1 players, this will have you and whoever else watching standing up with your hand to your mouth saying "Damn!" You'll be rewinding this tape so many times to see your favorite shakes to try and learn them for yourself to try the next time you're out hooping. Also, it is hilarious to see people get their "ankles broken" (to be faked out badly) or just plain out fall flat on their face while running down the court. There is also a short clip showing how to do a really simple yet effective dribbling technique taught by none other than Hot Sauce for those who are interested. Other extras on the DVD include segments filled with rap music, ghetto workouts and up and coming street ballers in garage "battles." Streetball fanatics, if you need another And1 fix, you can get yours right here with the And1 Mixtape Volume 6.

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