Pros and Cons

  • Non-Stop Suspense Followed by Non-Stop Laughter
  • Outstanding Performances
  • Character Development
  • Sub-Par Performances



2 Days in the Valley (DVD)

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A quick review of an under rated, and forgotten movie that everyone who likes action, comedy, drama, or suspense movies needs to watch at least once.



2 Days in the Valley is a mix between suspense and comedy with a little bit of action and drama. The movie follows the lives of ten different people over the course of two days. The ten people consist of cops, criminals, and innocent by-standards who by chance are all forced to cross each other's paths.

The movie offers several outstanding performances by Danny Aiello and James Spader. Danny Aiello portrays one of the criminals that one tends to like more than dislike. As the Italian hit man that gets double crossed in a cover up he is both intimidating and hilarious. James Spader, on the other hand, plays the psycho criminal "master mind" that just can not seem to keep things together. Although, James Spader does not stray far from his apparent comfort zone as an actor in this outstanding performance because he is convincingly insane. Due to the fact that the movie takes place over two days, it is pretty fast paced. Because of the fast pace, both the suspense and the side splitting hilarity are non-stop.

The fast pace of the movie set by the title 2 Days in the Valley has hindered the character development. The character development consists of here and now leaving little time to delve into anything. However, the viewers first impression tends to be quick, true, and unchanging. Betraying the outstanding performances by Danny Aiello and James Spader there are sub-par performances by some of the actors. Eric Stoltz, for example, seems to drain both the suspense and the comedy out of the movie each time he appears on the screen. He makes a habit of getting everything from facial expressions to dialogue wrong. In some instances he even makes the movie hard to watch.

Despite some outstanding performances, and the non-stop suspense and comedy there are some aspects that have led this film to be under rated and forgotten. However, the constant skipping from one scene to another, and the occasional horrible acting have not been able to destroy this movie all together.

Give it a try... After all 2 days of their lives is only 105 mins. of your life.

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