Pros and Cons

  • Great music
  • Nice colorful animation
  • No coming episode chapters
  • Captain Planet inspired storyline
  • Dated CG animation

Arjuna: Rebirth (DVD)

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Arjuna: Rebirth is a decent opening for a semi interesting series, with nice animation, voice acting, and music



I picked up this dvd for cheap at a pawn shop not knowing what it was or even if it was any good smile I usually don't go for 3 episode anime dvds (they're such a rip off) but this was the first 3 in the series so I really couldn't go wrong for the price. After watching through the episodes, here are my impressions:

Story : The storyline of Arjuna centers around a sixteen year old girl named "Juna". The first episode opens with an introduction to Juna and her boyfriend Tokito? as they ponder the meaning of life (as most sixteen years olds do I suppose....) Anyways, Juna suddenly has visions of her own death as the whispers of a voice telling her of things to come. We later find out that this voice is of Chris (The Avatar of Time) who belongs to a group of people named S.E.E.D. who appear to be protecting the Earth against evil wormlike forces called Rajaa. The story has a few interesting twists so far and had me very entertained throughout the whole experience.

Animation: The animation for this series is beautiful. Highly colorful and perfectly transfered to dvd with little to no flaws. There is also quite a bit of CG inserted into this series, they are done fairly well, but still look a bit out of place and dated at times. I am not to fond of CG in anime, as I prefer hand drawn work, but it works I guess.

Voices/Music: The English voices are done very well for an anime series and aren't at all understressed or annoying. The dub mix is also done well and doesn't overtake the music or fall too far back in the backround.

The music is the high point of the series IMO. The opening theme song is fantastic and most of the episode music is great as well. A++ for both voice and music tracks.

Overall: Overall, these first 3 episodes seem pretty interesting... In a Captain Planet sort of way smile I am not too keen on the whole "pollution must be stopped or the world will die" theme or the fact that the heroine transforms into a pink suited superhero, but there is enough emotion and action to keep you entertained throughout the short 75 min of this dvd. Also, I found it quite refreshing that they cut off the "coming episode" tracks and put them to view in the special features, really cuts back on pushing the "skip" button yes

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