Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB+
Replay ValueC-

Pros and Cons

  • Well mixed elements from other games
  • Battle - Action - Puzzle modes are not difficult
  • Jade is a hot heroine
  • Even if you don't collect 100%, you can finish
  • The elements from other games don't turn out well
  • Battle - Action - Puzzle modes could be too easy
  • Sidekicks are not hot
  • No replay value

Beyond Good & Evil (PlayStation 2)

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Well made game, but something is missing.


This game owes a lot to elements of other PS2 games, although it didn't use the full potential of those elements. Still, it is a good game regardless.

The storyline is good, but not excellent. It could be very plain to some people, and the ending is kind of weak and open. However, there's no over-establishment, or too long of an explanation of the plot, so the game moves forward quickly. A very quick one.

At first, Battle mode is easy and not very good. You have few moves, just dodge and attack, which makes the controls different from other action games. It doesn't take any high-tech ability to do battle at all, but it's not due to comfortable attack settings, just due to the lack of options. Combos are not easy to do either. In fact, even after I finished the whole game, I'm still not sure how to do some combos now. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. The "Charge Attack" is very difficult for most people, because you must stand still to charge, but your enemy doesn't wait of course. However, Battle mode is not difficult at all, except for "Sneaking" (where no is Battle available) and "Last Boss" (too difficult for this game). So this game could be fun, even if you don't play action games very well. But if you want some cool action, maybe you might not be very happy.

Racing mode (with the hovercraft) is not bad, just so-so. Sometimes, you must race with a hovercraft, but it doesn't seem like racing at all. And sometimes you might miss jumps because it is hard to see. But you're not playing Need for Speed: Underground or Burnout 3, so this racing part is not very bad. Just think of it as another element, don't take it too seriously.

Puzzle mode is very funny, maybe the best and funniest part of this game. The hot spots are clear to see, no pixel hunting is needed (if you experience some, the camera will solve it most of the time). But sometimes you must enter another area or a different room to solve a puzzle, or you must clear another puzzle before finishing the current one. However, the Puzzle mode in this game is really worth a try, and this game is more based on Adventure rather than Action.

Taking photos is....okay. We experienced it a lot in Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicles). It's funny but difficult in that game, but it is much easier in Beyond Good and Evil. And almost every picture is only for "Pictures of Rare Animal Species", which will earn you some money. It could be interesting, but you can store only five pictures, which are not related to the main gaming, and throwing shuriken-like stuff is only available in Photo mode. Even if you have more room on your Memory Card, you can't save more photos. Unless you switch on the camera, never throw long range weapons at all.

It's a well-mixed game of several types, and it's interesting to play. But even if you do manage to collect 100% of all the available items, it doesn't give you anything extra. And also, there is no unlockable bonus material, so play time is kind of short, around 10 hours.

This is not a perfect game, even if it's pretty good. But if you want to play it, it's worth a try, as long as you don't expect too much.

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