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Pros and Cons

  • Nice collector's item
  • It's a gem you can get at a reasonable price
  • Sealed copies are still sitting in some stores
  • No Star Trek curse here - DMC lives up to the name
  • Extremely rare
  • Might have to buy several copies
  • Has rarely been seen on auction sites

Devil May Cry 4 -- Collector's Edition -- H. Kobayshi Signed Version (PlayStation 3)

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Charlie you got the golden ticket! Earn your way to Dante's Chocolate Factory.



I am not going to bother saying much about the actual game here. DMC 4 rightly belongs with the good entries to the series, maybe not quite as good as 3, but a solid game that will be enjoyed by anyone who plays the 3rd person action adventure style games. Graphics are solid, and gameplay has not changed much since the first game in the series, but then again that is not necessarily a bad thing. The story is interesting enough, but ultimately leaves you wondering about many questions like the relationship between Nero and Dante. The replay value is fairly good as there are several difficulties to clear, especially if you are an achievement junkie. Overall a solid title, probably only marred by the multi platform release, a botched move that Sony can take all the credit for.

Now onto the meat of the matter. Capcom was toying around with some ideas to do something interesting - ala a promotion, so DMC 4 producer H. Kobayshi decided to sign a limited number of copies in silver sharpie and randomly distribute them to lucky gamers. In total there were 100 signed on the PS3 version of the game, and another 100 signed on the Xbox 360 version for a total of 200 altogether. But what made this a truly unique idea was that ....

A. there was no way to know if a copy was signed or not because the signature was on the back of the steelcase, which was then cover by a plastic slip case that was not see through;

B. it was not part of some contest that you could simply send in for free. If you wanted a crack at this you literally had to buy a game and hope that you had that single lucky game. So this was literally like finding the golden ticket in a Wonka Bar if you were one of the lucky people to acquire this game.

If you can get your hands on this, you instantly have a show piece or crowning gem to your video game collection. Unlike some other rarities, this item can be purchased for a relatively cheap price, and additionally, it's still theoretically available as I have seen sealed copies still on sale in stores. On the flip side, this is ultimately about luck as there are roughly 4 per state. Also, you are unlikely to get it on Ebay as a copy hasn't been on there for at least a year and a half. Additionally, this is real life and not the movies, so people are unlikely to buy more than one copy to chance getting this item even at the lowered price of $29.99.

So to any Charlie wannabes - happy hunting.

- I doubt anyone missed this, but Charlies is a reference to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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