Pros and Cons

  • Covers Diablo II and Lord of Destruction expansion
  • Excellent character class descriptions
  • Great in-depth analysis of monsters
  • Large appendix section for weapons and armor
  • Complete walkthrough of Diablo II and LoD chapters
  • Complete spell list
  • Comes with Diablo Battle Chest

Diablo II -- Ultimate Strategy Guide (guide)

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This amazing strategy guide covers Diablo II and its expansion Lord of Destruction.



I am usually very reluctant to say that anything in this world is perfect, because I know that just the opposite is more accurate. But I must say that this particular strategy guide comes damn close to being perfect. Everything that you could ever want to know about Diablo II is covered in this HUGE guide.

This great strategy guide covers both Diablo II and its popular expansion Lord of Destruction. It has complete walkthroughs of every chapter of each game. Sprinkled amongst these walkthrough pages will be hints and recommended strategies on how to deal with certain monsters and bosses that might give you a hard time.

This guide goes into great detail about each character class that will be available to you. This particular section will help a gamer who is not sure about what class they would like to try to play as. The guide lists each class's advantages and disadvantages, what weapons and armor they will be allowed to use, what spells (if any) they can use and much more.

Another great section is the in-depth analysis of the monsters you will encounter in these games. It shows how strong they are and even lists any weaknesses they may have. These weaknesses include certain kinds of weapons that might do more harm to them, which is a great thing to remember when you are face-to-face with some of these beasties in a dark dungeon.

In the back of this strategy guide will be a large appendix section that lists ALL the weapons and armor that you could possibly find during your Diablo adventure. It will describe, in great detail, what kinds of protection the armor gives or what kind of damage that shiny sword will do.

Of course we cannot forget ALL those gamers who love to play the mage or wizard classes. Not to worry, because you guys will also have a very helpful section available to you in this guide. This comes in the form of a complete list of spells available to the spell-casting classes. No longer will you hold your breath wondering what the hell this spell is going to do when you cast it. It will all be there, in black and white, explaining the effects of each spell that your mighty wizards can cast.

Those sections are not even close to everything that this guide has to offer to the Diablo fan, but they are a few sections that stood out in my opinion.
I obtained my copy of this Ultimate Strategy Guide when I purchased Diablo Battle Chest, which is a great game package to get because the game is included with the guide.

Pick this strategy guide up and see how much it can improve your Diablo game.


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