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Learning CurveA-
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Pros and Cons

  • Follows the show closely
  • Everyone goes Super Saiyan/Namekian
  • Trunks is playable
  • All around fun
  • Hercule is here

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II (Game Boy Advance)

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Follow Goku and friends through the Androids saga to the end of the Cell Games.


I was kind of surprised when I played this game. I thought it was going to be like the first one, but I was wrong. This was was a lot of fun. The game follows the show very closely, especially for it to be on the GBA. All of the characters are very recognizable and have their signature power moves.

The game starts off like the show when Freiza and King Cool come to Earth for revenge against Goku and are killed by Trunks from an alternate time line. The game does a very good job of following the key points in the story. The gameplay is simple but fun. Also, it doesn't take long to max out your characters (you can max them out at level 50). All of the Saiyans are playable (Trunks included) and all of them can go Super Saiyan. smile You fight all of the androids except for Android 16 (the big one with green armor and an orange mohawk) and all of the forms of Cell. There are still certain areas of the game that only some characters at certain levels can reach.

The battles are pretty fun even if you don't have the strength to beat your enemy. The game could have done better with other things such as when you are searching for the dragon balls. The game basically sends you through hell to get to your destination point of where the dragon ball is. Instead of just having you go to the place where the ball is and fight a strong enemy, they have you go though mountains, forests, and old dungeons to get to them. This part of the game is highly frustrating. The map system that is set up for places like this is very good, but if you mess up and are in need of going back, you'll have to fight all of the enemies that you just beat.

Now on to the controls and skills provided for you thoughout the game. You start off with just basic skills like single fireballs and attacks, but you get better attacks and signature moves as you progress (like Final Flash, Kameahmehah, Special Bean Cannon). You can tell when your character has gotten stronger when they start to kill some of the harder enemies in the area with one or two blows. The controls work great with the game, even with it being on the GBA. First, you have the A button for your melee hits. With your melee hits, you get a decent amount of swings with it (for some it's 4 swings others it's 5) which sometimes is more than enough to get the job done. When you are up against a main enemy like Android 17 or Cell, you can basically keep dishing out combos and corner them until you either finish them off or until the story takes over the game again.

The B button controls the energy attacks. With the B button, you can dish out single fireballs or super energy attacks like the Kameahmehah Wave. With attacks like the Kameahmehah Wave, you can take down an enemy's life points pretty quickly depending on your level. The attack can last until one or two things happen -- either you want to stop attacking or you run out of energy to perform the attack. There are different ways you can replenish your energy. One way is to find a Senzu Bean. A Senzu Bean can give you all of your health and energy back all at once. The only way to get a Senzu Bean is of course through Korin at his tower. wink

The start button will bring up your stats and the items that you have available. In the pause menu you can press the L button to switch to your objectives screen to see what you have done or to see what's next for you to do. Pressing the R button in the pause menu will bring up your items inventory. The game's learning curve is extremely easy and you should be able to pick up on the game right away.

For fans, this game should do a good job of holding them over till they are able to get their hands on Buu's Fury. For others, this game might be just okay for them.

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