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Replay ValueB+

Pros and Cons

  • Great action/stealth game
  • Easy to play with Gameshark CDX for imports
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Neat VR missions
  • Entire game is in English
  • Only available in PAL format
  • Motorcycle is hard to steer

Headhunter (Dreamcast)

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Best damn stealth/action game next to Metal Gear Solid.



Headhunter is an awesome game, from its graphics to its story. It's too bad this game didn't see the light of day on the U.S. Dreamcast. But not to worry friends, because all you need is a CDX boot disc and a PAL* copy of Headhunter, and you're ready for action. This game is a perfect fit for the Dreamcast, especially since the only stealth/action game out there for the DC would be bleem! (emulator) for Metal Gear Solid.

Headhunter is about a bounty hunter named Jack Wade. Set in a psudo-furturistc California, Jack wakes up in a hosptial with amnesia. Throughout the game it's your job to find out who he was by going through headhunter training from the beginning. In order to gain a higher licencse, you need to complete various VR missions. The story follows Jack as he tries to rekindle his reputation as a headhunter by figuring out who killed the creator of the ACN (anti crime network). In order to reach different locations on the map, you must use a borrowed motorcycle to travel between points.

Gameplay/Control: This game controls well. You use the analog stick to move Jack altogether. When you need to shoot, you just press and hold the right trigger, which targets a, well, target. Then use A to shoot, or open doors etc. You can use the B button to roll as well. This way of play is very easy to pick up. Also, this game is heavy on puzzles, which can get annoying at times. Still, it's fun to explore the areas because they are so well detailed.

Graphics: Like I said, everything is well detailed. The character models are great and the animation and motion are also well done, especially in stealthy actions. Cut scenes are pretty, and the mouth follows the speech perfectly. This is nice for a game that can be played in four different languages.

Sound: Excellent. All the voiceovers are clear. The effects while on the road from the cars are precise. The cut scenes are nicely acted as well, giving the game a more movie feel to it.

Replay value: You can play this game on different difficulties, which gives it some longevity, but otherwise there isn't much past the main game.

Even though this game was ported to the Playstation 2, this Dreamcast version is superior in all aspects. I highly recommend hunting, sorry for the pun, this game down while you still can because it's PAL only. But if you don't want to spend the money on a DC import, or don't have a Dreamcast, Headhunter: Redemption will be released on the Xbox in September.

* = Phase Altering Line. The European TV's are set to this instead of NTSC (National Television System Committee) like North American TV's.

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