Pros and Cons

  • 23 top stunt groups
  • Raw footage
  • Wide variety of stunts
  • Good music
  • made for stunters only
  • Crashes are pretty hard to watch

Judgment Day 2: Total Domination (DVD)

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Two years in the making and thousands of man hours to achieve one goal.... Total Domination.



Welcome to Judgment Day 2. Right from the start, this video kicks off with some of the best stunt teams. First is team XMX bringing the switchback burnouts and endos which look awesomely cool. Then comes Roue2Ouf from France in which, comparing them to the American teams, look so clean and smooth. Ghost Rider from Sweden speeding through traffic at an average of 170 MPH is a thing to see. Of course, the rest of the teams all bring their own special talents with Pure Bred Riders, Scooter Trash, DM Extreme, and Redline Extreme to name a few.

What this video does have is a wide variety of tricks, all in one video. You have 12:00s, spreaders, highchairs, and seat standers. For endos, you got your basic stops and some rolling for about 150 feet. Of course, it wouldn't be a stunt video without some burnouts and acrobatics, and those are in here of course. Also, there is a good combination of street and parking lot footage.

What this video doesn't have is what makes it good. No group is trying to really out-stunt the other. This was just made by guys who wanted to have fun and not look professional. Also, I only saw about 10 circle wheelies which is great compared to today's stunt videos where the whole video is made of circle wheelies.

The video and sound are great with a clear vision of what is going on and doesn't look like some Hollywood video. The audio comes in clear with some DMX and Disturbed, with some no name bands having great songs in the video as well.

This is a video with great extras. There is a 5 minute segment with the man, Kyle Woods, showing some ridiculous stunts he has. Some unedited crash footage, promos, a girl's section and a Jamaican trip are also available.

All the talent from these groups are just as good as skateboarders, BMX riders, and snowboarders; and this video shows this. Hopefully, in the future, this sport can be as big or get the respect it should. I advise no one try these stunts, as these are professionals and even most of them crash as seen in this video.


Stunt Teams/Riders:
Dan Jackson (XMX)
Scooter Trash
Pure Bred Riders (PBR)
ES Boyz
DM Extreme
Redline Extreme
Fearless Freestyle
Underground Riders
Mirror Image, Ghostrider
Whak Pak
Nookie Boyz
Geared Up
San Jose Stunt Rider
Point of Balance
Team X-treem


Disturbed (Fear)
Big Engine (Juggernaut)
Throttle Body (Blows)
DMX (What's My Name)
Hydro (ES Boyz Anthem)
StoneKracker (I Won't Die)
Saliva (Superstar)
Big Engine (TNT)
UnderGround Anthem
Throttle Body (Pull)
Disturbed (Liberate)
Dumpstar (Static)
Rider 4 Life (Battle Scars)
StoneKracker (Put Your Hands Up)
Soduim (Shine)
Saliva (Click Click Boom),
DMX (X Gonna Give It To Ya)
Wallop (Enoch)
23 Red (Fight the Good Fight)
LA Ocean's Eyes (Mongolian Wall)

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