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  • Bonus tracks are always good
  • Excellent cover of Elton John classic
  • Many songs on the album
  • Excellent band

The Long Road (Nickelback)

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Nickelback's The Long Road is a home run. This album Rocks, with a capital "R" and the band is one of the best rock bands I have heard in awhile.



This album ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a long time since a band has really caught my attention, but Nickelback has done just that. I know there are critics out there that will find something wrong with this band and decide not to give them the credit that I feel they are due. But I seldom listen to critics and usually my music tastes will just go with whatever I really enjoy, and this band really gets my rock-n-roll blood flowing. They are now officially on my "most want to see live" list.

This is their latest album, and it came out in 2002. There are a few albums before this one, that I am in search of, and would almost kill for, LOL .

For the most part, you can describe Nickelback's music as ROCK. When I listen to them, I can hear influences from some of rock's greatest hit makers. They consist of your typical rock band make-up, guitars, vocals, bass, and drums. There are a few "ballads" on this album, but for the most part it consists of some "rockin" tunes.

Nickelback consists of the following: Chad Kroeger (lead vox and guitars), Ryan Peake (guitars and vox), Mike Kroeger (bass), and Ryan "Nik" Vikedal (drums).

The album, "The Long Road", is a pretty full album with 11 tracks, and if you get the same copy that I have, then you also get three bonus tracks, which makes a total of 14 tracks on this CD. This is really cool, as I like lots of songs on my CD's (makes paying $15 bucks for the CD worth it).

That brings me to one of my favorite things about this album, and that is the fact that one of the bonus tracks is a cover of Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)". Now believe me, I am not usually a big fan of covers. Most bands DO NOT make decent re-makes, but I gotta admit that I really liked the way Nickelback covered this song as they did a very good job.

I probably should point out that some of the material on this album can be a little "raunchy", but I am adult enough to handle it, and I think most of Nickelback's fans understand exactly what the band is talking about. And you should also consider that rock-n-roll has always been rather "raw", and it has never, and should never, make excuses for that. This type of music has always been "in your face", and to some extent, that is part of the attraction that many people (including myself) have for rock-n-roll music.

But I have no desire to get off on a rant here, I just want to praise this band as much as possible, and give them a good review on what I consider one of the best albums of the year.

Thanks, Bobby

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