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Learning CurveB
Replay ValueB-

Pros and Cons

  • Unique Idea
  • Gory executions
  • Abundance of weapons
  • You can use PS2 headset to hear, just like James
  • Not much replay
  • Game can get VERY hard

Manhunt (PlayStation 2)

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A unique idea for a game that uses over the top violence and stealth to create a fun game!



Story: You, James Earl Cash, are sentenced to Death Row and are executed. While the world thinks you are dead, a man named Starkweather saved you from your death. In return he wants you to become the star of his next big Snuff film. You have a lot of weapons and use stealth and violence to murder everyone in your way.

Game play: When you first start out the game, you only have the option to use 1 of two weapons, plastic bag, or glass shard. In this game it's all about style, and pleasing Mr. Starkweather. If you walk up behind and unsuspecting guard and press square you will do a basic execution. This goes into a little cut-scene showing an extremely violent way to kill a man. You can hold down square longer for more gruesome executions. In this game you need a lot of patience to wait for the perfect moment to strike. The hand to hand combat in this game is very weak, because that's not what it's about. The game wants you to execute everybody so if you're spotted it's usually best to run away, and hide then wait for the opportune moment to strike. There are also mass amounts of profanity in this game, and combined with the killing it can be quite funny if you view it as such.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are nothing new, standard PS2 graphics. The thing about this is the extremely detailed gore that comes from an execution or a killing, it is very real looking.

Controls: The controls are easy to learn and do not get in the way of the game at all. You have your fast attack, strong attack, action, and item buttons. Then you have your aim and sprint buttons conveniently located as the shoulder buttons. There is an in-game tutorial when you start it the first time, so you should have no trouble learning the controls.

Sound: The sound affects in this game fit the game so well, it's amazing. They have creepy, eerie music for when your sneaking around. The screams of your enemies as they writhe in pain are very realistic. If your spotted it plays kind of a chase-type music. A little known fact is that you can plug in a USB headset, and hear Starkweathers instructions as Cash would in-game.

Replay Value: This is one of the few drawbacks. There isn't much to do after you beat the game, except for a harder mode, and some extremely hard to unlock mini-games. Still a great game.

Overall: This is a well-done game by Rockstar that combines stealth and gore to create an eerie and unique game. Defiantly pick this one up if you like stealthy games, or your looking for something new to play.

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