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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Mario Kart, now portable again!
  • Online
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Courses from previous Mario Kart games available.
  • No battle mode for Wifi
  • Wifi can be choppy
  • No voice chat for Wifi with the DS's microphone

Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS)

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A must have the Nintendo DS. Great gameplay and it's online!



I first sold my DS a while ago due to lack of good games. However, I went over to my friend's house and played Mario Kart DS. I loved the game so much that I bought Mario Kart DS and the Nintendogs Teal Best Friends Nintendo DS. For me to buy a system for just one game is something I had never thought I would do.

Graphics-9/10- Beautiful 3D graphics that show what the DS can do. Everything is detailed, the karts good looking, and I haven't found a part of the game that looked particularly bad. The retro courses from the GBA, SNES, and N64 are reconstructed to the fullest extent. The GC ones don't look that good, but hey, the DS doesn't have the power of the GCgrin

Sound- 9/10- The same cheery music that has been in Mario Kart games forever. I actually want to turn the sound up when I play this game! shock I just love the music. It also seems like the music was made with many different instruments. Or, I just could be hearing things. The sound effects are pretty good, like the way the engine sounds when you hold the A button in the beginning of a race.

Gameplay-10/10- Amazing. This game stays true to the Mario Kart gameplay that has been around for a decade. Who would've thought racing as Mario characters can be so fun? There are new items in this game, such as Bullet Bill, who is awesome to use when you are in last place. Unlike Mario Kart Double Dash, you race with only 1 person in your kart. You can't hold items in the back of your kart in Wifi, but it's no big deal. smile

Replay Value- 10/10- You have many races to complete over to get secret characters and such, and it is still fun after you beat a cup more than once. You also have Mirror Mode for 150cc, which makes the levels look completely different. The main thing is the online play. It is incredible, you can play people worldwide or just arrange to play with your friends by getting their friend code. Online play is choppy sometimes and the lack of battle mode sucks.

Learning Curve- 9/10- Fun game right from when you first pop it in your DS. However, to beat 150cc and to beat people online needs some practicing.

Overall- 9/10- This game is a must have, whether you will play it online, offline, or both. This is one of the few DS games actually worth buying. smile

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