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Pros and Cons

  • Solo Blackjack Play
  • Versus Mode
  • Bland presentation
  • Should've compiled all Casino games on one cart.

Neo 21 (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

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For the Die Hard Blackjack Players



Neo 21 is a blackjack simulation game and one of many casino games for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. There are three game modes in Neo 21: Original, Casino, and Versus. Original mode and Casino mode are virtually the same with the only difference being that you can view an odds table and keep multiple save profiles in Original mode. In both modes however you can "Note In" all your money to the one game you are playing, as well as have bookkeeping like in real blackjack. Versus mode is simple playing with a friend over the link cable. What is a little disappointing is that actual play is rather slow. You do everything through a menu set up but the action itself is rather boring.

Graphics & Sound
The graphics are unimpressive, to be blunt. The table looks like a real table but the cards are exaggerated a little to show the number or face of the card easier. The opening cutscene is produced with one color per scene and you never see the dealer or yourself when you actually play. What is nice is in the sound. When you choose a command the computer says the command like you would say it in real life and the dealer says every move that they make and every hand. It lends to the feel of being in a casino which is nice, but the parlor style of music can get old and repetitive very quickly.

Replay Value & Closing
This cartridge only contains blackjack so unless you're a die hard blackjack player looking to play by yourself for some practice I wouldn't recommend getting this game. The overall gameplay is rather boring and with the only thing you're able to do being blackjack that feeling of being bored will come up on you really fast.

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