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Pros and Cons

  • Good for practicing poker
  • Plain graphics, sound, and not much gameplay
  • No versus mode
  • Should've compiled all casino games on one cart.

Neo Dragon's Wild (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

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For Die Hard Poker Players



Neo Dragon's Wild is a poker simulation game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color and part of its casino game line up. It's straight up poker only and you use the A button to draw and the B button to hold cards. There are two game modes: Original and Casino, but the only difference between the two is you can have saved profiles in Original mode. Before you draw you can pause and have the ability to play the odds table and bookkeep like in real life poker. There is only you with no opponents to play against.

Graphics & Sound
Very bland is a way to describe the graphics. You never see yourself let alone the dealer. What is shown is your hand and the different hands you can get above your hand as a reminder. The cards don't look like real cards so that it is easier to see what cards you have, with a large number or face and a large symbol. The sound does a good job at trying to make the music sound like parlor music which lends to the feel of being in a poker game, but the music can get repetitive rather quickly.

Replay Value & Closing
There is no versus mode available so it is only you playing against the computer. This game is basically for die hard poker players and no one else. Its nice to be able to play the odds and bookkeep, and this game is good for practicing poker if you can't find anyone to play with but there is only one style of poker to play and it isn't Texas Hold 'Em.

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