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Learning CurveB+
Replay ValueC+

Pros and Cons

  • Genuine Puzzle Fun
  • 2 Player Linkable
  • Simple Graphics and Sound
  • Not Enough Modes

Puzzle Link (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

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Portables are great for puzzle games, and this is a good start.



Puzzle for the Neo Geo Pocket Color is one of the first puzzle games for the little portable. There are many puzzle games out for the system now but the main draw with Puzzle Link is it's simplicity and pick-up-and-playablility.

Gameplay & Control
Like I stated, the game is simple. All you do is link one type of cube to the same type to make all the conjoined cubes disappear by pressing the A button to lay down a link. Once the to "C"s appear on screen, simply connect them together to clear the stage. Once you clear a stage you are rewarded a card for your collection. There are three modes of play in Puzzle Link: Normal, Clear, and Battle. In Normal you choose a stage you want to begin with and continue until you clear them all. In Clear, you choose either Fixed or Random and try to survive. Finally, Battle is the vs. mode where you can link up and play against a friend.

Graphics & Sound
The graphics and sound continue with the theme of simplicity. There is nothing special about the graphics. Design of the screen layout and cubes are also simple, often having only one or two colors per cube. The main characters, that are seen after a stage is cleared, are nicely drawn and detailed however but it would've been nice to see some more effort put into the card designs. Sound is simple as well with the music being pretty bland but appropriate.

Replay Value & Closing
What is surprising is that you'll find yourself quickly addicted to the game thanks to its simplicity and ease of play. Its nice to be able to collect cards after beating a stage, though it has been done to death with other games, but it keeps you coming back to play the game. Lastly, with the nice inclusion of a vs. mode it extends the interest in the game a bit. Overall, this is a very fun game to pick up, and albeit average, it is still fun to play.

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