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Learning CurveA-
Replay ValueA

Pros and Cons

  • All Female Cast, w/ some First Timers
  • Use of Items During Fights
  • Great Graphics and Control
  • 2P VS Mode
  • Could've had a Few More Fighters/Gamplay Options

SNK Gals Fighters (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

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Get Set for Some Girl on Girl Acton



Joining the list of great portable SNK fighters comes an original game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. SNK Gals Fighters is a mash up of the best female fighters from SNK fighting franchises. Some you've seen before on this little handheld but others are making their first appearance on the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The story behind SNK Gals Fighters takes a page from SNK's legendary King of Fighters series; the tournament is called the Queen of Fighters and was put together by the mysterious Miss X. The winner gets the K Talisman that is said to grant one wish.

Gameplay & Control
Using the standard King of Fighters portable engine, the game plays smooth and fast. The analog stick is used to move while A and B control your attacks. Combining the two attack buttons can produce a special or more powerful attack. There are three modes of gamplay: Q.O.F. Mode, 2P VS, and Training. To add to the gameplay and to bring something fresh to NGPC fighters, you can collect various items during Q.O.F. Mode ranging from bracelets to a picture of Kyo. Each item will give your character either added skills or special moves. There are 8 characters to start with and a few make their first appearances like Whip (first time on NGPC) and Yuki (first time in a fighting game).

Graphics & Sound
The graphics are very nice and well detailed from the character models to the background. We've come to expect fluid fighting and smooth animation from SNK's portable brawlers and Gals Fighters is no different. There are lots of colors and even the items are well done. The sound isn't as high quality as other NGPC fighters however, but the sound effects are still here to keep you immersed in the fighting.

Replay Value
Even though the are only three modes, SNK Gals Fighters will keep you playing for months to come. The ability to unlock and use items when fighting adds a level of depth to the otherwise straight forward King of Fighters style fighting. Since you need to perform special combos or attacks to unlock these items it may take a while to get them all, but the game is fast and fun so this task is not monotonous. There are three unlockable characters as well. The inclusion of a 2P VS mode is always welcome and this game is a blast to play against a friend.

Overall this is a high quality, up to par entry in SNK's fighting library. The game is fast and fun, and the ability to unlock and use items separates Gals Fighters from other portable SNK games while remaining true to the SNK fighting formula. Besides, it's always fun to have some great girl on girl action. wink

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