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Replay ValueC
Learning CurveB

Pros and Cons

  • There are cards for most SNK/Capcom characters
  • Quick tidbits about the character the card depicts
  • Repetitive music
  • Poor English translation

SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS (Nintendo DS)

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SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS: The Mediocre, the Bad, the Ugly



First of all, this game is so bad if you bought this game when it came out, SNK Playmore was supposed to send you an apology letter, a pack of trading cards and a new cartridge. This was done to fix a game breaking glitch; you can’t beat the game 100%, which is to complete every floor on both SNK and Capcom sides. You must beat the game then start a New Game+ to defeat the floors you couldn’t the first time around. The glitch was that on the 9th floor in New Game+, you can’t duel “John” during your second play through because the game will lock up. I’ll tell you to stay away from this game like the plague but I know some sadists will want to play this, so if buying a used copy, ask to see the cart. If the background of the sticker is washed out it is the fixed version (NTR-AVSE-USA-1), if it is colorful that is a recalled copy (NTR-AVSE-USA), as far as I know there seems to be no way of discerning this fact from a sealed copy or just by the case.

This is a more accessible sequel to SNK's SVC: Card Fighter's Clash 1 and 2 for the Neo Geo Pocket system. I haven't played either of those so I can't comment on either of them.

This is a video game of a trading card game this is not real, like say how Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! were real card games that later had video games, this card game doesn't exist.

At the start of the game it will prompt you to pick an avatar. The thing is, is that this doesn’t even matter. Even if I pick a female avatar (or Servbot, an old man or Megaman Zero) my character is always “TAIKI” or whatever you name him in game, the only time I remember I picked a female avatar is in a duel. Apparently, I’m some a duelist with a fetish for cross-dressing during duels. Wow, this game sucks.

The story is that MAKITO, your rival’s father created the MAX system for the card tower tournament and MAX has kidnapped MAKITO. MAX wants to use the card battle system to control the…..WORLD!!!! Oh yes, a planet will be ruled by a computer program that runs on card data. So as TAIKI you must climb the tower and rescue KAITO’s father, but you’re only doing it because “I can’t forgive anyone who’d use card battles to control the world.” Technically, everyone you battle throughout the tower is an accessory to the kidnapping of a man who created a program which wants to dominate the world with stiff paper. As you climb the tower you will need to choose sides sometimes, either SNK or Capcom and this is why you need to beat the game twice, to choose the floors you didn’t beat the first time around.

The lousy localization seems like they got slang advice from a remedial teenager during the mid-eighties; No examples, just trust me on this. The first line TAIKI speaks is "chinglish", “So it (tournament invite) finally came, did ya!?” Keep in mind; this is a modern game from a pretty well known company. MAKITO the creator of the card tower states in the opening sequence “Along with the opening of the opening today of the tournament…” all this is before you play. No, it doesn’t stop - not even on the character descriptions upon the cards you collect throughout the game.

One of my favorite cards is “Morrigan Aenslaed”, and no that is not how you spell her last name but that is how they put it in the game. They even call Pearl Fey the sister of Mia Fey, OBJECTION! They are cousins. Well, at least they’re honest that Hugo’s girlfriend and manager Poison is a man. They even say that Sagat lost his eye as a kid, not to Go Hibiki. Capcom characters seem to be the only targets of misspellings, wrong information and contradictions, but letters in descriptions on a few cards have words that need accent marks but the letter that needs an accent shows up as a question mark, what is this?!

Oh, no, not the game play! The game play is repetitive and boring, additionally, the game does not get harder as you progress nor do you really need to make up a strategy or use any skill, usually you can win in about four turns. Play it safe and build your deck with characters of the yellow trait that have high output and low Appearance (A.P.) cost. In your first hand, toss a few cards to gain extra force, summon as many fighters as possible and watch the computer bow down to your elite Card Fighter skills.

The sound; bland and monotonous. Repeated rhythms over and over again. OOOOOoooooWEEEEEEEOOOOOOOooooooooWEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOoooooooooo~, I am not even making this up. And in battle is is way worse.

The art; the drawings are pretty cool and this is the game's saving grace even though they aren't all that special, but hey at least they tell you who the artist was.

To summarize, this game is horrible, honestly I was expecting more from how people regard the Neo Geo Pocket predecessor. I am so glad I found this in the clearance bin at Sears. I love SNK and Capcom but this was junk. Also, most of the card pictures are titties, titties and titties, like damn, I would have wanted to play this game with my girlfriend but not if all about breasts, take those side boobs down a notch SNK.


Graphics C-
Nothing is this game is attractive except for the cards.

Sound F
REPETITION! Just kill me now.

Gameplay D-
Not fun at all.

Replay Value C
Not much of a reason to do both towers unless you want to see all of the cards or read the chinglish or unfinished sentences on the backs.

Learning Curve B
Struggle for the first few duels then once you understand how to gain the upper hand you won't have a hard time.

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