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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation (PlayStation 3)

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SOCOM fans....I'm sorry but this is one SOCOM to be disappointed in.



Since its first release on the PlayStation 2, one of the best aspects of the SOCOM games has always been the online multiplayer mode. It was impressive to find a deep and functional online multiplayer game with full voice communication via an accompanying headset. As the series progressed, the multiplayer game improved greatly. I mean, SOCOM fans still talk about SOCOM 2's amazing online gameplay, maps and near perfect action. Therefore, it came as a pleasant surprise that the next game in the series was an online multiplayer-only game for the PlayStation 3. SOCOM: Confrontation was a great idea that would have been a truly satisfying multiplayer game but what we have here is a game that feels incomplete and a broken shell of what was meant to be something so much better.

Visually, the game looks sharp on the PS3 but there's nothing here that really give you the impression that this is a next-generation SOCOM game. That said, however, the explosions are gorgeous and many of the maps do look good.

There are times when the sound will disappear but when its back you'll hear the different gun shot noises, distant explosions and good music. Of course, you'll be concentrating on a teammate's warning to pay too much attention to the few voice clips in the game.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard
You'll be up against a number of skilled SOCOM players in this game and backing up your team in a 16-versus-16 match is tough. Unfortunately, you'll also have to deal with some game crippling glitches that will leave you without weapons every now and then.

All the right elements are here and there are a number of cool load-out weapons to use in the various maps and game match types. You can buy the game via the Network or the game on its own but the bundle that includes the official Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3 is worth the extra green for the headset alone. It's just too bad the game is this broken.

When the game does manage to work, you'll witness gamers working in teams and covering each another during the more heated game matches. You can form your own clan and participate in tournaments and mostly everyone uses their headsets for this game. The 32-player matches are the best.

Technically flawed in almost every way, SOCOM: Confrontation is one of those games that would have made for an amazing online experience if it weren't for its problems. The potential for greatness is clearly visible when the game does run smoothly but these moments are far too rare to recommend this one to anyone.

The main issues I was talking about throughout the review would be in reference to the frequent long load time or the more frequent load freezing. The game rarely runs smoothly. The freezing issue puts a huge damper on clan matches. Making them near impossible to complete in one sitting. If the game did not have these issues it would be a decently good game.

There's a lot to like about SOCOM: Confrontation for the PlayStation 3 but there is a lot more to hate about it as well. Like most SOCOM fans, we patiently waited for patches to make the game playable but so far all we are left with is a game that feels incomplete despite its engrossing action. Oh, but when Confrontation works it really shines brightly. Sadly enough, it just doesn't work as often as it should if at all on some days. The bundle comes with the official Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3 but other than the excellent headset there is very little reason to buy this game now.

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