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Must Gets

Games played in '10
Half Life 2 [PC] (9.1/10) Personally, I thought the first was more immersive. This is still a masterpiece, though.

Chains [PC] (8/10) Great puzzler with a couple of really convoluted levels. Don't let that turn you away from this indie game, though!

Galcon Fusion [PC] (5/10) I can see where this would have appeal on a mobile platform (the iPhone) where it originated, but it didn't keep me interested on the PC.

Madballs in Babo: Invasion [PC] (8.3/10) Great title to play, especially if you can convince your friends to play along as well. Survival is my favorite.

Full Pipe [PC] (6.9/10) Really, really wierd game much akin to Samorost 2, but inferior.

Half Life [PC] (9.7/10) Old, but fantastic.

Batman: Arkhym Asylum [PC] (9.1/10) A little short, but great atmosphere. Very fun.

Borderlands: General Knoxx's Armory [PC] (9.4/10) One word... CRAWMERAX

Mass Effect [PC] (9.3/10) Some inventory management and MAKO issues aside, one of the best games I've ever played.

League of Legends [PC] (8.9/10) I love this game and I hated DOTA. Paradox, no?

Trine [PC] (6.8/10) By no means a bad game, but not a game for me. Some interesting puzzles.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga [GBA] (8.7/10) I had a blast with this game.

Final Fantasy 12 [PS2] (8.4/10) A game of walking... Hunts provided many hours of enjoyment!

Borderlands - Mad Moxxi's Arena [PC] (5.1/10) Having a bank is nice, but this expansion doesn't offer much.

Borderlands - Zombie Island of Doctor Ned [PC] (8.4/10) Great DLC, but its meaningless if you have the third DLC...

Borderlands - General Knoxx's Armory [PC] (9.5/10) Chest farming glitch aside, couldn't ask for more from an expansion pack.

Dragon Age [PC] (8.4/10) Not the masterpeice it claimed, though a pretty good story with some great dialog.

White Knight Chronicles [PS3] (7.9/10) Fantastic multiplayer timesink... but lackluster single player is a downside.

Resonance of Fate [PS3] (??/10) Played about 6 hours before my PS3 died... want to finish this one one day.

Samorost 2 [PC] (10/10) Issues of length aside, a fantasticly entertaining romp. Highly Enjoyable.

Half Life 2: Episode 1 [PC] (10/10) OH. MY. GOD.

Half Life 2: Episode 2 [PC] (9.9/10) I disliked the ending gameplay sequence a lot. Otherwise fantastic.

Super Laser Racer [PC] (6/10) A decent time sink.

Max Payne [PC] (7/10) A ton of cheap deaths, but entertaining story and gameplay.

Max Payne 2 [PC] Enjoyable and less agonizing in terms of cheap deaths than the first.

Obulis [PC] Had a lot of fun with this puzzler.

Thief: Deadly Shadows [PC] Great stealth game, but sometimes I don't want to give a crap about my footsteps.

Games played in '09
F.E.A.R. [PC] (8.6/10) Worth playing, for sure.

Little Big Planet [PS3] (9.1/10) So many things to collect...!

Folklore (7.4/10) [PS3] Quircky(ish) gameplay mechanics, but an interesting play.

Virtua Fighter 5 (8.9/10) Love the depth and vast assortment of collectibles.

Street Fighter 4 (8.3/10) Some of the supers//ultras could have used some more tuning and I wish they had multiples like in previous games.

God of War: Chains of Olympia [PSP] (8.2/10) A bit shorter and not quite as intricate as I'd like.

Devil May Cry 4 [PS3] (7.1/10) [PS3] WTF is going on in this games' story? Otherwise fun.

Demigod [PC] (7.2/10) Great idea, decent execution. Lackluster single player and poor connection issues abound. UPDATE: The patch and some extensive multiplayer bumps this game up to an (8.1/10)

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul [PC] (9.5/10) Fantastic game... just wish it had a bigger online community.

LocoRoco [PSP] (6.3/10) Just not for me...

Rocket Knight Adventures [Genesis] (9.4/10) Still one of the greatest platformers ever..

Patapon [PSP] (6.9/10) Great idea, but it just didn't flow well with me.

Star Ocean: The Second Evolution [PSP] (9.2/10) Full review out now.

Resident Evil 5 [X360] (7.9/10) Decent play, better attempt at story, worst video game ending ever.

Final Fantasy 7 [PS3/PSP] (8.2/10) Good, but not the greatest ever or even close.

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core [PSP] (4.1/10) Seriously, wtf?

Jeanne D'Arc [PSP] (8.3/10) Absolutely worthwhile; A great play through.

Counter Strike: Source [PC] (9.1/10) Not quite as punishing as 1.6... Maybe slightly more noob friendly, but definitely better.

Demon's Souls [PS3 - Import Version) (9.8/10) GREAT mixture of learning and challenging elements. By far the best on the PS3 so far.

Medievil Resurrection [PSP] (8.4/10) Great port... lends well to the handheld

Dragooneer's Aria [PSP] (6.9/10) Ultimately too complex, but rewarding the more you can stick with it. Plot could be improved.

The Mark of Kri [PS2] (9/6/10) Why the fudge hasn't anyone played this game? Great combat, decent plot, just too short.

The Rise of the Kasai [PS2] (8.1/10) Some minor gamplay issues aside, still an entertaining and worthwhile sequel.

Demou's Souls [PS3] - English Version] (9.8/10) See above comments.

Final Fantasy 8 [PS] (9.7/10) I still consider this to be the best Final Fantasy...

Borderlands [PC] (8.2/10) The inventory management could use some work and it is hard to compare items... Co-Op could use better chat//voice interfaces.

Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer [DS] (7.4/10) I couldn't finish it... too little explanation and a STEEP difficulty. Still tons of fun, especially on the go.

Braid [PC] (8.9/10) Fantastically crafted puzzles, but gets a little convulted near the end.

Crimson Gem Saga [PSP] (7.1/10) Great "throw-back" RPG, decent story. Could use some combat polish via unbalanced skills between characters.

Torchlight [PC] (7.3/10) Definitely a good dungeon romp, but the lack of respec'ing your character is just... not necessary. The lack of multiplayer dungeon hunting really hurts this one.

Valhalla Knights 2 [PSP] (6.3/10) A good hardcore dungeon crawler, but the story is so poorly paced. VERY grindy... couldn't play to completion because it couldn't hold my interest.

Games played in '08
Super Smash Borthers: Brawl (8.4/10) Slower, but I think better in the long run...

Metroid Prime 3 (9.1/10) Distinctly Metroid

Super Mario Galaxy (9.4/10) Better than I thought...

Metal Gear Solid 4 (9.6/10) Superb.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma (8.1/10) Not too great a story line, but fantastically crafted enemies and enemy AI. Much better with the addition of the insanely hard missions.

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