Bad Traders

Bad Traders

NLS Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs30-Dec-2016
Status: active
Aliases: Armondo Garcia
Address: 8151 Civic Center Dr 245 Elk Grove CA 95757
Reporter: Knightmare

I sent NLS 127.60 in gifted paypal for Tales of Destiny II & PlayStation Beyond The Beyond (Both Complete, VG Condition) - I received the games but unfortunately the manual was missing from Tales of Destiny II. I messaged NLS about the situation regarding the missing manual but did not get a response of the status of his search for it after a few days.

After further research it appears he pulled the images he posted in the classifieds forum from an ebay auction that wasn't his, leading me to assume he unfortunately never had the manual. To further confirm these are different copies the case I received is not the case seen in the images - as noted by cracks on the back on the case that my copy doesn't have.

random ebay auction For reference:

NLS's forum post:

I researched the value of the manual seen here (48.94 shipped):

To resolve this I'm requesting that NLS sends me a paypal refund (via friends/family payment) in a timely manner for $48.94 to settle the difference of not having the manual.

dodekain BTRs22-Dec-2016
Status: active
Address: unknown
Reporter: longhornsk57

On Oct 12th user dodekain and I agreed to a trade whereby he gets Finding Dory Digital HD when it releases (I had it on pre-order from Amazon) and I get $9 PP F&F.

On Nov 16 I sent him the code for the movie. On the 19th, I had not heard anything so I inquired. 3 days later he replied saying the code was invalid. I corrected the code (there was an extra letter somehow) the same day and sent correct code.

Since Nov 22 I have sent him 7 total messages in the trade window asking if everything was good and if we can close it out. I have received zero reply even though this user logs in fairly requently. I have PM'd the user as well, and even had bill try to contact the user. He has replied to neither one of us. This past Monday I sent another message saying if he didn't get back to me with something I'd be forced to file a BTR. His last login was yesterday, and he has still not replied.

I did everything I could to avoid a BTR, especially for only $9, but there seems to be no more recourse here.

in order to resolve this I want dodekain to pay the $9 PP F&F so we can close this out.


After he posted that I tried to resolve it with him in the trade queue. He has had 7 other trades since then, including buying digital codes, so the notion of being in the hospital and being too sick don't even make sense. He ended off by saying he doesn't care about having a BTR and he's done with the site anyways and then started trash talking bill before saying he was "outtie like white on rice ."
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (22-Dec-2016)
I just never got around to cancelling the trade after you sent the bad code. I no longer needed at that point. I was sick a few times but whatever man.. It is Christmas thanks for the awesome BTR gift! LOL!

fantasticunit BTRs21-Dec-2016
Status: active
Aliases: brian breedwell
Address: 58 carey drive eastaboga al 36260
Reporter: bigncrazy

We pended a trade on Nov 24th. I was to send him Mushroom Men and Excitebots for Wii and He was to send me The New Super Mario Bros for the Wii. I send my end out on Nov 24th, the same day and it arrived to him on Nov 28th. I received contact from him on Nov 27th explaining that his copy of mario did not work and that he had to locate another one for me and he would ship it Monday the 28th. Nov 29th I asked why he hadn't mailed with no explanation. On Dec 2nd I asked again. On Dec 3rd he marked as shipped with no explanation and no tracking. I sent a message on Dec 12th asking why I hadn't received it yet with no answer. and again on Dec 16th. I am filing a BTR on Dec 21, I feel I have no other alternative. I will remove it when I get the Mario game.

LunarWolf98 BTRs8-Sep-2016
Status: active
Aliases: thehiddenhiden, Brandon Conn. Chris Stratton, Travis Stratton
Address: 3615 Nicholasville Rd Lexington, KY 40503. 300 East Office ST. Harrodsburg KY 40330
Reporter: FenDiesel

I issued a trade. $160 PayPal Friends & Family for a $200 Best Buy gift card.
He gave me the card to verify that the funds were on it. I completed a transaction with his gift card to purchase my own gift card. For some reason, Best Buy cancelled the transaction. When I tried to make a second transaction moments later, there was only $3.00 left on the card. LunarWolf98 had spent the remaining $197 at Best Buy.

I called Best Buy support and they told me that the gift card was used on about 6 items. Some shipped to store, some shipped to the following address:

3615 Nicholasville Rd Lexington, KY 40503.

I tracked this address to a place known as Simple Mobile (which seems to correspond to the PayPal account of simplemanpcs). I contacted LunarWolf98 & they are not being helpful. Refuse to issue me a refund even though they obviously ripped me off here. LunarWolf98 claims that they are 18, have no bank account, no credit card, & is using a friend's PayPal account. LunarWolf93 claims to no longer be able communicate with the owner of the PayPal account either.

I'm taking action to continue investigating & see if there is anything that can be done (seeking help from PayPal, Best Buy, and local authorities in Kentucky). At this point in time, it is safe to file a Bad Trader Report on this individual to ensure others do not fall for similar deals.

SilverTongue Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs1-Sep-2016
Status: active
Aliases: 2oosam
Address: 9002 Parlor Drive Ladson, SC 29456
Reporter: Snatcher

Same as below. Two months past due. Need to be repaid as soon as possible.