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This user has been reported as a bad trader.

Bad Trader Reports

Neko BTRs28-Oct-2019
Status: active
Aliases: Danielle Dodd
Address: 1114 Hickory DR Morris, AL 35116 PO Box 251 Morris, AL 35116
Reporter: ued222

I have yet to be repaid funds for loans

PO Box 251 Morris, AL 35116

Neko BTRs22-Aug-2018
Status: active
Aliases: Dani Dodd
Address: 1114 Hickory Dr. Morris, AL 35116
Reporter: darthfracas

Like many others, I offered a small loan to Neko to be repaid two weeks later. The deadline came and went and I received nothing except negotiations for a repayment plan of $10 per month for 3 months. I never received any promised payment. and have had no contact since January.

I will consider this matter resolved when I receive what was agreed upon.

Neko BTRs14-Aug-2018
Status: active
Aliases: Dani Dodd, Danielle Dodd
Address: Dani Dodd 1114 Hickory Dr. Morris, AL 35116 USA
Reporter: Boss

Loaned money as the others and never paid back. Awaiting a full repayment or a plan.

Neko BTRs2-Jan-2018
Status: active
Aliases: Dani Dodd
Address: 1114 Hickory Dr. Morris, AL 35116 USA
Reporter: PNWlakers

Same as all the other traders...

Loan was promised to be paid back on NOV 10th and SHE continues to make excuses on why SHE can't pay.

I have given HER ample time and options to pay back and we agreed on a repayment plan over 4 months but SHE missed the first payment...

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (2-Jan-2018)
Missed first payment plan due to THPS3 making a claim on paypal which took funds I was going to pay you with and is on hold until whatever is done.

I am also not him, I am a she!

Neko BTRs2-Jan-2018
Status: active
Aliases: Dani Dodd
Address: 1114 Hickory Dr. Morris, AL 35116 USA
Reporter: Helghast

Loaned him $30 on Sept 9th, 2017. $35 to be due back Oct 9th, 2017.
He paid back someone else early whose deal and payment date was after mine.
Keeps saying he will have money by certain date, but no payments have been made.
I offered to waive the $5 fee and just be paid back the initial $30.
Due date has been extended multiple times, along with a payment plan being drawn up. Initial payment of the monthly pay plan was missed.

To remove this BTR, I would need all $30 repaid, whether in full, or over a couple months.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (2-Jan-2018)
Same as the other. paypal claim ruined my funds to you.

Neko BTRs1-Jan-2018
Status: active
Address: Dani Dodd 1114 Hickory Dr. Morris, AL 35116
Reporter: spotandclaw

Loaned out $55 PayPal, was supposed to get $65 PayPal back by December 1, 2017. Missed that deadline, and I gave a fair amount of leeway for repayment. Gave multiple chances for repayment, even agreed to do monthly payments until I was paid back in full. All of those fell through. I have been in frequent contact with Neko, and have always gotten vague and/or apathetic responses.

Neko has 23 outstanding PayPal loans dating back to July 2017, so I am concerned about repayment. This BTR will be resolved upon full repayment.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (2-Jan-2018)
First of all my I didn't make excuses I did have issues.

Second plan was missed due to a paypal claim which took funds I had.

Neko BTRs14-Dec-2017
Status: active
Address: Dani Dodd 1114 Hickory Dr. Morris, AL 35116 USA
Reporter: NathanOfLight

Loaned $30 in August for a return payment of $35 due the first week of September. Deadline was extended multiple times, but payment hasn't been received yet.

To consider this BTR resolved, I would like my initial payment of $31.10 returned to me.

Neko BTRs10-Dec-2017
Status: active
Aliases: Neko
Address: Dani Dodd 1114 Hickory Dr. Morris, AL 35116 USA
Reporter: smokey_vols

Myself and Neko agreed to a loan of $30 and a repayment of $35 before the end of August on July 23, 2017.
August went by without repayment.
I sent a message on September 1st reminding Neko that the payment was due. I was told "I'll get it out.. might be a bit late. Just paid bills, some other loans, and food shopping." I said no rush.
I send a message on October 16th asking for an update and i'm told that i'll be repaid in November.
I send a message on November 25th asking Neko if they are still good for repayment this month and i'm told that that yes we are good.
November goes by without payment.

I don't like giving BTRs and Neko sincerely regrets not being able to pay me, but this needs to be a lesson for users pending alot of loan trades when they know they can't repay on the agreed upon date. This BTR will disappear once i'm paid.

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Likes: Stuff.
Dislikes: You.

Quote: You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. - Robin Williams

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Chat Quotes Quintuple Gold Star

[20:53] <Sam> [9:43:10] bluemetal04: lol I like how my goldfish is smarter than most people on here
[20:53] <Tad> yeah popcorn tins are the shiznit
[20:53] <HybridCRoW> MUCHO cheaper.
[20:53] <Sam> picturing blue talking to his fish about trump

[00:04] <Tad> if neko hooked thered be no customers
[00:04] <Missile> Dont worry it hasnt changed much
[00:04] <Tad> cause shed kill them
[00:04] <Neko> lmao
[00:04] <Tad> through their ass
[00:04] <Tad> and theyd pay for it
[00:04] <OSG420> Lol I was like under a rock for 6-7 years
[00:04] <Tad> the dumbasses
[00:04] <Neko> legit
[00:04] <Tad> lol

[22:57] <CoreyDavis> Heard you were talkin sh!t.
[22:58] Dashey has joined #general
[22:58] <bluemetal04> who
Dashey has left #general
[22:59] <CoreyDavis> Anyone hear a damn owl?
[23:00] <bluemetal04> who
[23:01] <Neko> lol
[23:02] <bluemetal04> someone wants some of my famous beef stew
[23:03] <CoreyDavis> If that's your opening line to the ladies, I hope your name is Stu.
[23:03] * bluemetal04 farts on your face
[23:05] <CoreyDavis> We just full circled back to sh!t. Mission Accomplished. Remember everyone, glue doesn't stick to the inside of the bottle and that's gosh darn remarkable. Be well.
[23:05] CoreyDavis has left #general
[23:05] <bluemetal04> later fartface
[23:06] <Neko> lmao

[12:29] <Neko> Got my SS gift.
[12:29] <Jurassic_Shift> social security gives gifts?
[12:29] <Neko> ......
[12:29] <Neko> Secret Santa..
[12:30] <bluemetal04> well aint you speshull
[12:30] <Neko> Yep I am. :D
[12:30] <bluemetal04> I wanted to do SS lol oh well
[12:30] <Neko> Mama said so.
[12:30] <Jurassic_Shift> santa isn't real (sorry Donald)
[12:30] <bluemetal04> lol donald's mama says lyfe es liek a bawks of shet

[08:05] <DonaldStafford> you know i sell my games on leap trade please dont hack my account, please dont delete my harddrvie all i try to do is make life better for people every where this is the only sight where everyone is a theif and is wiked
[08:06] <Jurassic_Shift> you sell your games for money on leaptard?
[08:06] <Neko> No one is going to delete or hack you.
[08:08] <DonaldStafford> all my links are on my profile it ovios and its odd the admin lets this go on but i get reported for talking about foren vide game and a strik my first day here this pass is wiked
[08:08] <Jurassic_Shift> i hope you can speak better than you type
[08:08] <Jurassic_Shift> all i see is "awetawga ageawga ojno wgaw" when you type
[08:09] <DonaldStafford> credits to buy more games i collect games as fast as i can
[08:09] <Neko> You got reported for talking about bootlegs. And those aren't allowed here.
[08:09] <Jurassic_Shift> how's your neo geo collection looking Donald?
[08:09] <DonaldStafford> i cant speakbworth a damb im my role a sdub human
[08:10] <Jurassic_Shift> donalddubstep
[08:11] <DonaldStafford> so you can come rob me
[08:11] <Neko> Rob you? why would we do that?
[08:11] <Jurassic_Shift> i don't need 500 copies of crapty games
[08:12] <Jurassic_Shift> I give that stuff away
[08:12] <DonaldStafford> i was only talking i never sold you are all as bad as safe space snow flak
[08:13] <Jurassic_Shift> neko I hope you're getting all this
[08:13] <Jurassic_Shift> your page is gonna be too full of donald quotes
[08:13] <Neko> Yep.
[08:13] <DonaldStafford> juss get in your oun way you have now clue what i do theres a reaso i sell 30 games a day

13:43] <DonaldStafford> yha and your dad did not take you in to the woods becase god told him to kill his son i dug my own grave and he prayed and disided not to shout me with his revalver. i still dont know why he did that . the wors part was he made me us a flat head shuval wt
[13:43] <MrMagillicutti> is she phsyically a Speculaas.
[13:44] <Jurassic_Shift> i think i just died
[13:44] <Jurassic_Shift> from reading that

[13:34] <DonaldStafford> its a delivery company a frozen truck the foods grate
[13:34] <Jurassic_Shift> i only eat food out of sewer grates

[13:38] <DonaldStafford> cash is trash credits keep the comunity
[13:38] <MrMagillicutti> my mind just exploded.
[13:38] <MrMagillicutti> my power company doesnt take credits

[09:35] <bluemetal04> Im part black myself
[09:35] <bluemetal04> then the dukes of hazzard comment
[09:35] <Neko> no you fudging arent
[09:35] <Sam> lol because you said i should be drinking grape soda dummy
[09:35] <Neko> you are white af
[09:35] <bluemetal04> yes I am dumb dog lol
[09:35] <Tad> ugh, the best is going to give me is 15
[09:35] <bluemetal04> yes but I do have black in me
[09:35] <Sam> where did you learn how to fight on the internet blue keyboard class in 8th grade
[09:35] <bluemetal04> I got the nose lol
[09:35] <Neko> maybe up your ass blue but about it

[20:21] <RangerSawyer> Theres another 7 letter word you could've used
[20:23] <RangerSawyer> starts with an f and ends with a g
[20:24] <Neko> fudging
[20:24] * Neko spins the wheel of fortune wheel
[20:25] <bluemetal04> lol
[20:25] <RangerSawyer> I want to make a south park reference to that

[18:50] <Ish> Can't find the damn remote to the tv
[18:51] <NightOwl> well pull it out your ass
[18:52] <Neko> ish an d tad went kinky i see
[18:54] <NightOwl> yea ish, and tad are lovers
[18:55] <Neko> i bet tad blew the covers off when he farted since ish was using the remote as a buttplug

[13:25] <DonaldStafford> dump all 258 of my retro doubals and flip my next gen games i buy hole sale
[13:26] <NightOwl> hole sale?
[13:26] <Jurassic_Shift> I fudging love hole sales
[13:26] <Neko> hole sale you guys
[13:26] <Jurassic_Shift> I am almost out of holes
[13:26] <Neko> lmao
[13:26] <Jurassic_Shift> neko has extra ones
[13:26] <DonaldStafford> i cany fudging spell it how it is
[13:26] <NightOwl> retro doubals
[13:26] <NightOwl> its cute

[23:32] <NightOwl> i like summer sausage
[23:32] <AModestLion> not what I heard tad
Dashey has joined #general
[23:32] <Tad> lol
[23:32] <AModestLion> heard owl loves the sausage
[23:32] <RagingShadow07> YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FOLKS

22:16] <Dashey> I
[22:16] <Dashey> AM
[22:16] <Dashey> THE
[22:16] <Dashey> GREAT
[22:16] <Dashey> MIGHTY
[22:16] <Dashey> OII
[22:16] <Dashey> POO
[22:16] <Dashey> AND
[22:16] <Dashey> IM
[22:16] <Dashey> GOING
[22:16] <Dashey> TI
[22:16] <Dashey> THROW
[22:16] <Dashey> MY
[22:16] <Dashey> CRAP
[22:16] <bluemetal04> you're killing me smalls
[22:16] <Dashey> AT
[22:16] <Dashey> YOU
[22:16] <Tad> lol
[22:16] ** Dashey has left #general
[22:16] <Tad> is dashey drunk
[22:16] <Neko> wtf
[22:16] <Tad> it wasnt me this time

<HybridCRoW> Just tell the wife you really want her to diddle your pooter when she sucks you off.
<BoB> stop
<HybridCRoW> LOL
<BoB> youre making people leave
<BoB> nasty pervert

[08:47] <HybridCRoW> So I was talking to this chick at work (hot too), and I mentioned I was getting a new tv and she was like "You have a tv? I get real excited about tvs"... WTF does that mean?
[08:48] <Neko> LMFAO
[08:48] <HybridCRoW> Ppl wonder why I don't socialize.
[08:48] <HybridCRoW> really well anyways.
[08:49] <HybridCRoW> I mean is she trying to tell me she loves watching tv or is she saying that to get me to buzz off?
[08:49] <HybridCRoW> I smell sexual harrassment.

[11:41] <BoB> i ordered some screen targets
[11:41] <BoB> its some thing that sticks on your monitoe to help you aim
[11:42] <BoB> monitor
[11:42] <HybridCRoW> WTF
[11:42] <HybridCRoW> All that cheating kills you do and you need a fudging screen target?
[11:42] <HybridCRoW> And you tell me to be fudging awesome?!?!
[11:43] <HybridCRoW> You sir, are crapting on my instinct.
[11:43] <BoB> me > you
[11:44] <BoB> forever
[11:44] <BoB> FOREVER

[08:26] <Neko> thats why his woman left
[08:26] <Neko> she found his gay sex tapes
[08:26] <HybridCRoW> Hey, he acted gay too
[08:26] <Neko> she was all like
[08:27] <HybridCRoW> Shut up Neko
[08:27] <Neko> "im getting the fugg outta here"
[08:27] <HybridCRoW> Just shut your whore mouth
[08:27] <Neko> lolololol
[08:27] <HybridCRoW> chicken licking douchebag
[08:27] <Neko> lol so mad

[17:48] <S> YARGH MATEYS

[14:55:29] <60sTrackStar> i can get 6 balls in my mouth
[14:55:32] <60sTrackStar> amicool
[14:55:34] <BoB> yeah i only tried 3

[22:13] <Elmo> Im watching TV
[22:13] <lordly_llama> What are you watching, Elmo?
[22:14] <VinoBrad> seseme street

[12:21] <Minty> BEES IN THE CORN
[12:21] <Minty> BEES IN THE CORN
[12:21] <Minty> BEES IN THE CORN
[12:21] <Minty> BEES IN THE CORN

Neko.: I think I broke it O_o
RagingShadow07: no it works
kawaii_pinku pokes it
RagingShadow07: see?
Neko. squints to try and see
RagingShadow07: ha, ha, ha
Neko.: lemme get my glasses
RagingShadow07: h8u
kawaii_pinku: lmao

[21:45] <Sparta_Omni> "some collard greens and chitlin, some grape soda, fried chicken...maaaan you got kocked the fugg out!" [Him quoting HC from TS]

[14:29] <Neko> id make your dick go through your skull
[14:29] <Neko> seriously skull fudgeed
[14:30] <BoB> see?
[14:30] <BoB> see?
[14:30] <BoB> see?
[14:30] <BoB> that
[14:30] <BoB> that is your best
[14:30] <BoB> i suicide on the blade of your shame

[16:22] <Bruce_34> this little boy runs up to his mom and says "Mommy! Mommy! I gots the diarrhea! It hurts my butt!"
[16:22] <Bruce_34> the mom says "I'm sorry baby but you just ahve to let it pass it's course"
[16:22] <MuNnY> lmao
[16:23] <Bruce_34> the boy says "but it hurts mommy! it hurts so bad!"
[16:23] <HybridCRoW> Stick a cork in it
[16:23] <Bruce_34> she says "I know baby but there's nothing I can do." So the boy says "Well what about Viagra?!"
[16:23] <Bruce_34> the mom says "Viagra!? What do you want viagra for!?"
[16:23] <HybridCRoW> o.O
[16:23] <Bruce_34> The boy says "Well you always give it to daddy when his crap won't get hard"

[19:28] <BoB> they said "sir heres some pot roast would you like to put your teeth in?"
[19:28] <BoB> im like "the fudge for b"
[19:28] <BoB> OM NOM NOM NOM

[07:51] <Minty_san> I'm used to black now.
[07:51] <RagingShadow07> *snicker*
[07:51] <Minty_san> -_-
[07:51] <Neko> lmfao

<<<<BoB>>>> disconnected.
<<<<BoB>>>> entered chat.
Everett.: lol
<<<<BoB>>>> was kicked by [KWER] RagingShadow07.
[KWER] RagingShadow07: LOL
Everett.: lmfao

[02:39] <BoB> yeah cause looking at the markup chart is hard
[02:39] <BoB> dummy
[02:43] <SixxxShots> shut the fudge up bob

[19:44] <SixxxShots> asdf
[19:45] <CoreyDavis> SO, uh, wild and crazy night.
[19:45] <meganb> what does asdf mean?
[19:45] <SixxxShots> it means the same thing as ;lkj except in reverse
[19:46] <meganb> oh
[19:46] * meganb is confused
[19:47] <SixxxShots> figure you'd be used to it by now

[22:03] <Everett>
[22:04] <BoB>
[22:04] <BoB> .org
[22:04] <RagingShadow07> .net
[22:04] <BoB> .net
[22:04] <BoB> fudge
[22:04] <RagingShadow07> .gov
[22:04] <Everett> .fart
[22:04] <BoB> haha
[22:04] <Everett> .fudge
[22:04] <RagingShadow07> .xxx

[20:55] <TrueBlue> whats the catch
[20:55] <CoreyDavis> You shuting your whore mouth is the catch.
[20:55] <BoB> oh crap
[20:55] <BoB> FACED
[20:55] <Everett> lmao
[20:55] <TrueBlue> dont take the deal
[20:55] * Dew runs away
[20:55] <Everett> rug burned
[20:56] <CoreyDavis> My fudging deal just went to crap.
[20:56] <CoreyDavis> Oh well.
[20:56] * CoreyDavis fudges couch.
[20:56] * BoB doesnt like being called couch
[20:56] * BoB gets over it

[21:23] <mountaindew> hey baby
[21:24] <BluePhoenix> what up gurl
[21:24] <BluePhoenix> lets make babies
[21:25] <mountaindew> afk

[20:02] <Gonchi> Bob's word is truth! He is the eyes and ears of God! Oh glorious and most holy of Bobs! Bob is the most Bob of all! Hallelujah! Praise be to Bob!

RagingShadow07: Don't
RagingShadow07: Fudging
RagingShadow07: Mention
RagingShadow07: Storms
BobboSlobbo: ok
RagingShadow07 runs
RagingShadow07 fudges under bed
RagingShadow07: DUCKS
RagingShadow07: I SAID DUCKS

BobboSlobbo: should see what im doing to the sandwich
RagingShadow07: oh christ
BobboSlobbo: i made the second sandwich watch
RagingShadow07: ROFL
BobboSlobbo: it tastes scared

[07:20] <BoB> Neko: *smooch*
[07:21] * Neko blushes and stuff.
[07:21] <BoB> lmao
[07:21] «LadyInRed» yeah right Neko

[03:00] <BoB> when i get to something hard if i dont beat it i cant sleep till i do or ill dream about it
[03:00] <BoB> that didnt sound exactly right
[03:01] <rock101> LMAO
[03:01] <BoB> thank god rocas asleep im afraid hed quote that

[03:09] <BoB> that is so doable
[03:10] <BoB> well long as i dont run into any unbeaten hard parts

bobboslobbo: tell me happy stories
bobboslobbo: ok fine ill do it
bobboslobbo: dear penthouse
bobboslobbo: oww

bobboslobbo: wish i had a game to play
bobboslobbo: poor me
RagingShadow07: Killing Floor?
RagingShadow07: It's not like you have 160 Steam games or anything

[09:17] <BoB> me vs Nekos pantys
[09:17] * BoB np: Mudvayne - Pushing Through
[09:17] <Neko> lmao
[09:18] <BoB> ungh ungh ungh
[09:18] <gokugohandave> the panties would win
[09:18] <gokugohandave> Neko would strangle you with them
[09:18] * BoB humps the air mightily
[09:18] <gokugohandave> and youd enjoy it
[09:18] <BoB> MIGHTILY
[09:18] <BoB> ungh ungh ungh
[09:18] <RagingShadow07> ha
[09:18] <Neko> humping air xD
[09:18] <BoB> its aimed at alabama
[09:18] <RagingShadow07> LOL
[09:18] * BoB does what he can
[09:19] <Neko> just stop
[09:19] <BoB> k
[09:19] <RagingShadow07> Hahahaha
[09:19] <Neko> im cryin lolin

[22:01] <RyoHazuki> i quit smoking
[22:02] <Raisin> cock
[22:02] <RyoHazuki> so now i eat twice as much as before
[22:02] <Raisin> LMAO

<BoB> ok its in my hand
<gokugohandave> and
<BoB> for once it was where i thought it would be
<Neko> and lmfao
<BoB> it looks fine its just short
<BoB> like 2.5 - 3 inches
<gokugohandave> fudge as long as it works

<BoB> i do have a triwing screwdriver
<Neko> bob will screwdriver your ass
<Neko> HARD
<gokugohandave> you wanna sell it bob?
<BoB> lemme dig it out and send you a pic
<Neko> im still a lll butt sore
<BoB> if itll work you can have it
<Neko> lol

<Neko> IQ had dropped in here. I fail the need to type further more.
<Helper> cml for the GBA SP
<Neko> see?
<vader99> ILY NEKO
<Neko> people is fudging my brain
<Neko> shut up dog

<CoreyDavis> Neko turned my blooming onion goodness into a reference about FGT's.
<RagingShadow07> Oh
<RagingShadow07> Hm
<CoreyDavis> Thoughts?
<RyoHazuki> he would be happy with just a 48 hour code
<RagingShadow07> I'M THINKIN' ARBYS
<RagingShadow07> That was my thought


<Neko> who let the retard in?
<Columns08> who're you talkin' about, neko?
<Neko> no one columns..
<MuNnY> lol
* MuNnY wants the MS racing wheel
<Neko> least munny gets it..
Columns08 has left #general ( idle for 3mins 55secs )
<Neko> tard
<MuNnY> lmao

* Neko flips munny
<Neko> heads!
* BoB gives munny head
<Neko> lmao
MuNnY has left #general ( idle for 57secs )
*BoB may be doing this wrong
<BoB> lol
<Neko> I loled hard

<Neko> what link?
<RainMoN> poor woman kinda looked like ET
<RainMoN> hang on
<Stav> holy crap
<Stav> that made me fart
<RainMoN> HAHA!
<RainMoN> !
<Neko> lmao

<Gonchi> Righty-o
<Toxl222> cheeri0!
<Gonchi> Will you take it with milk, sugar or lemon?
<Toxl222> sugar and lemon if you may please
* Sam farts
<Toxl222> well I never!
<Toxl222> I do say, that bloke just passed gas in our general direction
<Toxl222> "I wave my private parts at your aunties..."
<Gonchi> the brute

<Rastaguy2> i live with my mother
<BoB> are you naked?
<Rastaguy2> and i'm not rasta
<Rastaguy2> i'm white
<Rastaguy2> and really fat
<BoB> are you naked?
<Rastaguy2> really really fat
<BoB> are you naked?
<Rastaguy2> no
<BoB> then i dont give a fudge
<BoB> gtfo

<Treble256> C:\Documents and Settings\Joseph Hall\My Documents\Wilsons Leather - Men's Outerwear View All Men's Jackets Tommy Moto Leather Jacket.mht
<BoB> o m g
<Treble256> omg why cant i paste correctly?!?!
<Neko> LMFAO
<BoB> did you just link me to your hdd?
<BoB> im killing you now
«Lady» looks like it

<HybridCRoW> Dumbcrap wanted to eat peanut butter out of the jar... I was like "Fudge no. You ain't the only one that eats peanut butter around here."

<HybridCRoW> Yeah, me, my brother, and a couple neighbor kids had this game called "Weewees and Butts" when we was kids.

<BoB> i did ten days in icu thats the only part i enjoyed
<BoB> wash my peepee fat woman!!
<BoB> i would say


<Rancid> us and another couple were watching the SB pregame show and they were at a practice, I asked my wife if she would wear her panties if she ever went to a practice
<Rancid> she said, no but she would have them in her packet so she could throw them onto the field....
<Rancid> I said the players wouldnt even notice, they would just hop through them like doing te tire drill cause the leg holes were so big