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Bad Trader Reports on TheWeasel92

TheWeasel92 BTRs28-Jan-2012
Status: active
Aliases: Jacob Beemer
Address: Jacob Beemer 1179 Fuhrman Rd. Cincinnati,Ohio 45215
Reporter: Al_Bundy

He sent his end of the trade, which is good, but he did not pay for the shipping. I had to pay my mailman to get my end of the trade (which was pretty embarrassing). I immediately wrote Jacob Beemer at GTZ and told him that having to pay for his shipping was not cool at all with me and that he should refund me the money that I had to pay to my mailman. He wrote me back and said that he always ships packages that way and that no one ever complains about it. Bottom line, this guy does not pay for his own shipping and then refuses to pay you back when his package arrives "postage due". He then acts like he didn't do anything wrong and tells you that he's "sorry" but that's just the way it is. Don't trade with this guy unless you want to pay for his shipping.

UPDATE: I've just been informed by a GTZ moderator that this trader has a history of doing this same shipping scam to other traders under a different name/account. AVOID THIS GUY AT ALL COST.

TheWeasel92 BTRs1-Feb-2008
Status: active
Address: 1179 Fuhrman Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45215
Reporter: KillJoi99

On January 22, 2008 Jacob sent me an offer for SpongeBob Square Pants: Battle for Bikini Bottom and he would send me $17. I then shipped on January 26, via USPS First Class mail. Then on January 30, he tried to cancel the rade leaving the message for why was "JUST", this would also be around the time he would recieved. After this I made this thread: and found out that he has been giving other problems to other traders. I also found out from Bill (site owner) that you tried to cancel your account (on the 29th) the day before you canceled the trade, but he told you you need to take care of your pending trades first, which led you to cancel our trade. The trade has been reinstated, on the 31st, so live up to your end of the trade.

Since there is a good chance that you will try to ignore this, and just hope it goes away, Ill let you know what I will have to do if you keep ignoring me. If this doesnt get you to communicate, I will then send letters to your parents(yes, I know you are not of age yet), I will explain to them the situation and Im sure they will not be pleased with what you are trying to do. I will then keep sending them out every day until I get a response, Im sure they are bound to get at least one of the letters . If for some reason this still does not get a response out of you I can and will get the police involved. (I have your adress and name remember) I will file a police complaint with the Cincinnati Police Department for mail fraud, and then they can come over and have a talk with you. I know you are young and dont want peolpe going over your head, but I will if it gets me my stuff back.

So, what I need you to do is either
a. send me back my game
b. send me the $17 involved in the trade.