Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by bill

parkerr BTRs11-Aug-2009
Status: active
Email: removed
Address: .
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTRas a way to contact all of parkerr's pending trades. I just suspended parkerr's account. The tipping point for me was that he re-filed a BTR on godawgs227 over the dispute they are having. parkerr has filed multiple BTRs over this, including some on unrelated accounts that he suspected were godawgs227's. It's unclear to us what really happened in this trade, but parkerr's story has not been consistent and he has a trade in which he's send the supposedly broken game out to someone else.

There have also been numerous problems in the forums with parkerr's behavior.

Put simply, he doesn't seem to be mature enough to use GameTZ. His bio says he's 13. While we've had many younger traders on the site who get along just fine, parkerr does not seem to be one of them.

I tried to give him some time to get on track here, but the problems of immaturity haven't improved. So, I'm thinking it will be better to remove him now before more serious problems occur.

Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you (his pendings).

parkerr has 11 pending trades. I want to make sure all of those get resolved. If neither sides has sent, you may want to just cancel the trade (or if you prefer email mods and we can delete it for you). Otherwise, I'm willing to help people sort the pending trades out (e.g. complete them). We can transition the state of his trades (sent/received/etc.) as needed, just send email to moderator if you need an update.

Daboss09 BTRs2-Mar-2009
Status: active
Aliases: homer1012 cindy101
Address: 8506 laguna ct alexandria Virginia 22309
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR on Daboss09 because of a lot of suspicious behavior that seems to imply that Daboss09 may be intent on ripping people off. We don't have absolute proof of this yet, but it seems very likely given what we know.

He has 8 pending trades. Some go back to late January or mid-February. No one has received anything from Daboss09 as far as we can tell. Daboss09 has claimed to send in a few cases, but that was over a week ago (Feb 20) and no one has received anything from Daboss09 as far as we can tell.

Daboss09 has canceled 3 pending trades. In one case, he had said he sent on Feb 19th, then canceled the trade March 1st.

We just discovered that Daboss09 previous had 2 accounts at GameTZ in late 2008 (homer1012 & cindy101). We suspended both accounts after they created a fake trade between them.

There has also been claims by Daboss09 that he's in a gang (MS13) and he has mentioned this in a threatening manner (we got a complaint about this in late 2008).

Given all this, we recommend that no one send anything to Daboss09 until you get what you he agreed to send you first. And, if you want to just cancel the trade you're doing with him, that's probably a good idea too.

drwnv3 BTRs18-Sep-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Dan White dano
Address: 4940 Nugent Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80922
Reporter: bill

drwnv3 revealed that he is Dano, someone who had a couple BTRs from years ago.

So, I'm posting this BTR to notify everyone he has a pending with... we've suspended his account at this point. You should probably just cancel your trade with drwnv3.

Potentially, we'd let him back if he resolved the BTRs, though it looks like he has no intention to do that.

billymiller BTRs4-Jul-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Billy Miller
Emails: ,
Address: 135 robbinson lane dequeen arkansas 71832
Reporter: bill

This BTR is being filed primarily to warn anyone who has a pending trade with aprilj.

We've become aware of a number of factors that indicate that trading with aprilj is very risky. Here's what we know:

o There are 3 accounts associated with this person (possibly 2 people, a brother and sister): aprilj , billymiller, and aprilmill. The aprilmill account was just created, note that it has an email address that says billymiller in it.

o The aprilj account has 10 pending trades on it and zero completed trades. Luckily, it looks like no one has sent anything to April. April has marked 2 trades sent. But, with both trades a delivery confirmation number was agreed upon but April did not give it. Also, it has been 9 days since she said she sent and no one has received anything. We would tend to assume she lied about sending.

o Various other reports about April flaking out and not responding or caring about her pending trades have been made as well.

o The billymiller has 1 pending trade. It also shows that Billy sent over 10 days ago. DC was agreed upon, but Billy did not give one, and nothing has shown up. So, that's 3 trades where this has happened.

My assumption is that we're probably dealing with fairly young kids who just aren't being very responsible. Also, it looks like everyone involved was careful not to send first to them. So, no serious damage has been done. All 3 accounts have been suspended at this point.

Certainly, we recommend that you not send anything to these traders unless you get their side of the trade first. Also, if you just want to cancel the trade and move on, that would be fine too.

It's not looking likely that we'll reactivate their accounts given all the bad behavior. But, there is some remote chance that we will give them another shot, if they show a strong desire to get on track and be responsible from now on.

skittlesman11 BTRs14-Apr-2008
Status: active
Address: 3224 Hollyhock dr. Burtonsville, MD 20866
Reporter: bill

We've just been informed that skittlesman11 ripped people off on .

So, I'm filing this BTR to warn his pendings.

Apparently, he has a habit of convincing others to send first and scamming other people out of system packages.

I'll update this BTR as I get more info.

[ UPDATE 6:20p April 14, 2008:

Here's the info I got from TGN:

This user has created a total of 4 accounts on over the
past 5 months. He has one complaint on one of the accounts, Souley, for
ripping off a user for the game, Gears of War. In this deal, he had gotten
the other user to send same time, received it, and then created a new
account to bypass the complaint on his other account. He has since created 2
more accounts and has attempted to scam more users by having them send
first. He also tends to claim feedback that is not his on other sites such

His 'real name' on each account differs from the one as listed on In his accounts, his last name is listed as Diallo. His real
last name is Dillo.

Here are the accounts skittlesman11 used on TGN

Souley (nov'07-March 26'08)
Snoopy55 (feb.5'08-Feb.6'08)
Soccerbeast11 (March 3'08 - March 6'08)
Skittlesman11 (March 26'08 - April 13''08)

Banned: Defrauded another user, Intentional - ]
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (14-Apr-2008)
that is not even my name on