Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by plngg

VastoLorde BTRs29-Dec-2011
Status: active
Aliases: Michael Allison
Email: removed
Emails: Unknown
Address: 3113 W. Walnut Hill LN Apt. 1044 Irving TX 75038
Reporter: plngg

On Dec. 11th me and VastoLorde made a trade. I sent out the xbox 360 on Dec. 14th. The xbox 360 arrived Dec, 17th. He claims he sent Dec. 21st out $100 cash with no DC# in a bubble mailer. I send out cash in bubble mailers all the time with DC#. Its now the 29th of December and I still have no money. His last post he had written to me was " plz hit receive when you get this raspberry". I had sent him a message, but no response. With a wise comment like that, and still no money, theres reason for a BTR. I still don't have my $100.

I want the $100 i was promised.

cRaZySaVaGe_94 BTRs3-Sep-2010
Status: active
Aliases: Tom Steimel
Address: Tommy Steimel 246 4th street West Keansburg Nj 07734
Reporter: plngg

Tom and I made a trade for an xbox 360 that was freezing, meaning that you could play it and repair it, but it wasnt broken. The deal was for Tom to send the xbox to dustin25ship to be repaired. Tom sent it to dustin, dustin received the xbox and told me that it was completely fried, meaning that it couldn't be fixed. I confronted Tom about it and the kid just went ballistic, at this point there was no reasoning with him. He acted like a spoiled little kid. Basically, I told him that I'm not accepting my items like this, and that I will file a BTR if it's not resolved. He didn't seem to care to fix the situation, or about the ban.

I want either the xbox I was promised, or my money back.

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (18-Sep-2010)
Seems User: plngg (Paul) is the real big guy making this stuff up. Well IDC im done with this site. So yes ur right GET BANNED!