Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by kilter

natez84 BTRs12-Nov-2009
Status: active
Address: Nathan Ziegler 107 Fulton Ave. Apt A Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901
Reporter: kilter

user was very friendly, but the manual was not included with the game when he sent it. i let him know, and he was again very friendly and apologetic, and promised he'd find it (a friend has just borrowed it so he figured it was there) and make good.

he never signed into gtz again. it's been months (his last sign in was Sept 25th, and it's now mid November)

i hate filing a BTR over a manual, but:
a) it's still a manual, and items should be as described
b) the disappearing act is uncalled for. should he reappear in a few months, this should be on his record.

again, seemed like a really cool guy, and i do hope he shows up and fixes this.

here was the correspondence:

on 10-Oct-2009 at 4:57pm ?

on 4-Oct-2009 at 9:29pm any update?

on 24-Sep-2009 at 6:39pm cool, let me know...
(plus deleted some personal stuff about my own broken leg)

on 24-Sep-2009 at 6:23pm
hey just got off the phone with him actually... so he said he gave it to my gf... shes at her friends house right now... but she said shes goin to check the car and r apt for it since i cant get up and do it.. (fused ankle that i just had done, and i broke my foot on top of it so i cant do nething but stay on my couch and lay here for 6weeks now) sucks major ... but yah ill keep ya posted.. didnt know it wasnt with the case... but yah if it does come to it ill buy a new manual for army of 2 and mail it out to ya... later bro.. keep ya posted

on 24-Sep-2009 at 6:21pm ah sorry about that, i know my gf picked it up from my friends house and dropped it off at the post office to send out to u... i just sent him a text about it, hopefully he finds it... i know i had it when i got the game, and i brought it over to him to play/borrow.. . so ill post back with ya on whats goin on .. when he gets back to me.. i know hes at work right now at the moment.. worst case i can go pick up a manual from gamestore or game rental place

on 24-Sep-2009 at 6:04pm hey, i received, but there was no manual in the box as described. is it laying around your house somewhere?