Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by ACT

emceeskwaird BTRs9-Jul-2009
Status: active
Address: 10605 Manoa Ave., Brooklyn ,Ohio 44144
Reporter: ACT

I arranged a trade with this member for my 256mb 360 Memory Card for his Flatout Ultimate Carnage. I had contacted him when we first arranged the trade and told him it would take me a couple of days to send out because of some stuff that I had going on at the time, it took me from the date of acceptance, June 15th and I sent on June 18th. He received 4 days later on June 22nd. Then at that point I started asking, after 3 days after he received, allowing him the same curiosity that he allowed me with a few days to send, if he had sent yet. He finally answered me back on June 28th saying the Post Office had closed before he got there by about 10 min. He marked sent on July 1st and it is now the 9th. He said he "left my backpack at work with the dc papers in it...i will post them tomorrow after i get home from work" on that date (July 1st), and never has. I have contacted him both on here and XBOX Live and now he is ignoring any communication I attempt.

Its sad this had to happen this way, but I will remove this when any of the following happen:
1. I get my game that was promised in the condition it was promised (FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, Complete and in Excellent Condition)
2. I get my memory card back
3. I get $15 for it ($11 for what its worth now + Shipping I incurred)
4. I get another game, that is in similar value, that I choose in redemption for this game if it is now unavailable.