Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by pswams26

jedimastercris BTRs5-Nov-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Chris George
Address: 59 North Walnut Street Wilkes Barre, Pa 18702
Reporter: pswams26

I sold Chris several games over a month ago, including Super Monkey Ball and Pokemon Pearl. I sent the games out and Chris claimed for over 2-3 weeks that he did not receive the games. Suddenly, he said his post office called him that he had a package there and he said they were supposedly my games.

Once he received the games, he told me he would send them back to me, Why, he did not just pay for them like he was supposed to in the first place, I don't know. A couple of other traders had similar weird problems where Chris claimed he did not get packages and some where he did not pay at all. I don't know what is going on with him, but w/e it is he should've been honest and up front about it in the first place. He claimed Monkey Ball was missing, which seemed preposterous.

Chris ended up sending my games back, but he did not send back Monkey Ball, nor Pokemon Pearl. Below is our conversation.

on 9-Oct-2009 at 8:17pm pswams26 Chris I am getting nervous with these BTRs and the possibility that you do have my games and are just lying. I don't know what to believe right now, but I want to warn you about the case with the postal inspector, it is a serious deal as it would be essentially stealing. I know you said your post office is all screwed up, but I have still yet to get the games back on my end. They can't just be sitting in limbo somewhere for a month. Please let me know what is going on

on 10-Oct-2009 at 12:46am jedimastercris there is a package that the post office found but I gotta go get it, so give me till tomarrow to go get it and see if its has been there a while so if its yours I will ship it back to you.

on 10-Oct-2009 at 1:52pm jedimastercris send me a list of the games you sent me again, I got a real messed up package here, looks like it went through the ringer? it may be your stuff? not sure, cant remember, have 2 or 3 have gotten lost? LMK so I can rectify this if its yours...

on 10-Oct-2009 at 2:10pm pswams26 I sent: Resident evil 4 and Monkey Ball for Wii (you have the cases for these and in this package should be the actual games), For XBOX: 007, Metal Gear Solid 2 substance, NBA Street Vol. 2, Unreal Championship, LOTOR 3rd Age, GTA DOUBLE PACK, and DS: Pokemon Pearl cartridge only

on 10-Oct-2009 at 3:47pm jedimastercris they seem to be here but the monkey ball is missing? but everything else is here? I will pack up everything and send it back to you, I guess the monkey ball got lost, the package was sliced on the side? but since you sent to me and I got them, I will just pay you for the monkey ball since, its not your fault it isnt here.

on 10-Oct-2009 at 4:09pm jedimastercris also resend me your address so I can ship to the right place and I will get tracking so you have proof of shipment here...

on 10-Oct-2009 at 4:26pm pswams26 Alright great chris,

My address is:

Monkey ball was 7 bucks so just send that over when you can, this is a very weird situation but I am glad we finally got it settled. Also can you make sure you send back the Resident Evil 4 case back w/ the disc. Thanks chris let me know when you get the tracking number.

on 10-Oct-2009 at 4:27pm jedimastercris gottem repacked just send me your address so I have it correct...
on 10-Oct-2009 at 4:29pm pswams26

on 10-Oct-2009 at 4:29pm jedimastercris ok, and yeah, put the re in the case... will send it with the case of course... i will send you the 7 via paypal as soon as I get it in... thanks ...

on 15-Oct-2009 at 4:27pm pswams26 alright chris whats going on did you send back, if so whats the DC number. Also whats going on with the 7 paypal?

on 15-Oct-2009 at 6:28pm jedimastercris yep sent em back and posted dc number and will paypal you the 7

on 15-Oct-2009 at 6:29pm jedimastercris 03081400000169956660

on 16-Oct-2009 at 3:40pm pswams26 hey chris I got the package today. Everything was fine except pokemon pearl (cart only) was not with it. If you wanted to keep it, it was 10 bucks, if not then you can send that back too. Let me know

on 16-Oct-2009 at 6:13pm jedimastercris sorry, i took it out and forgot to put it back in, my bad, I will send it right back to you..

on 22-Oct-2009 at 11:37pm pswams26 hey chris did you send back pokemon? also I am still waiting on the 7 bucks lmk whats up

on 23-Oct-2009 at 5:41pm jedimastercris its on its way, will be there soon, sent regular mail since it was just the game.... will pp the 7 asap

on 3-Nov-2009 at 6:41pm pswams26 cris I never received the game man, nor did I receive the 7 bucks paypal. I am going to have to report to moderators if I don't get 17 in PP or 7 in PP and the game soon. I have had a lot of patience man, please give me the benefit in cooperating in a speedy manner.

He claims he sent back pokemon pearl on october 23rd but I never received it. He said he was going to give me the 7 bucks in early October, its been a month, and no 7 bucks Paypal.

Chris seems to be trying to handle beyond what he is capable of, and really screwing people over because of it. I don't know if he is a huge scammer (he was a gold star trader) or if he just got lazy but this is absurd.

I will remove this BTR when Chris sends me 7 bucks Paypal and Pokemon Pearl or 17 bucks Paypal for both. I have been more than patient with Chris and the amount of BTRs he has is ludicrous. Please do the right thing Chris and right your wrongs