Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by secondtime

GaminDaddy007 BTRs5-Nov-2009
Status: active
Address: 16690 Ore Claim Trail
Reporter: secondtime

I'll keep it short. This guy is a silver trader so I don't want to taint his page with a huge BTR.

I asked for $22 Paypal in exchange for my Enemy Territory Quake Wars.

I had sent 2 games to California (one for another user and one for GamingGod) on the same day. One of them got there smoothly. GamingGod "never received his."

In all honesty, this BTR is being filed because of the worst communication possible. He has signed in EVERYDAY and still hasn't replied. At least if he didn't sign in, I could say "OK, maybe GamingGod went out of town. Fine" - But he signs in everyday!!! He even failed to reply after I said "BTR without reply in one week." - You would think GamingGod would say "OK OK let's see what I can do." or something. But no, nothing.

I'm out a game and I haven't recieved my payment. Come on!!!!!

I really don't want to do this to a silver trader but if this is the only way for him to reply to me, then so be it.

EDIT: When I am reimbursed in some way, SOME WAY, I will delete this.

EDIT 2: I have offered GamingGod a truce for $10. (12 LESS THAN WHAT I SHOULD BE GETTING). If I get $10, I'll drop this BTR, no questions asked. And BTW, he has gotten 5 other BTRs on top of this. Looks like I'm not the only one who's had a problem.

EDIT 3: So now I'm seeing from other BTRs that people have confirmed that GamingGod received the games and he still won't pay them. DO NOT TRADE WITH GAMINGGOD!

EDIT 4: I have offered GamingGod a new truce. When I receive "WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009" I'll remove this BTR, no questions asked.

EDIT 5 (Dec 15 2009): He claims that he will send me $30 cheque after Xmas. Will update 2 weeks after Dec 25