Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by tc

Fable Gold Global Trader (7) BTRs10-Oct-2011
Status: active
Address: Unknown
Reporter: tc

Same thing as the other 2 BTRs. He had been pushing back paydates for months using excuses including PayPal and bank difficulties. He is past overdue and has not been able to give me a repayment date. More recently he has not responded at all, but continued to log on. Makes me sad to see a trader that many members hold in high esteem and regard behaving like this. I haven't asked for any additional interest and will remove the BTR when he pays me back or at the very least has the courtesy to respond to me and discuss the situation. Like I've told you before, fable, I hope everything is alright.

Syfer00 BTRs21-May-2011
Status: active
Emails: ?
Address: ?
Reporter: tc

Hasn't been on since April 13th. Loaned him 100$ a long time ago and he hasn't responded to any forms of contact.

Would drop this if I got this 100$ back not including the interest we talked about as I don't want this on my account :(

Since have received "FUDGE OFF whiny dog. You people bad mouthing after I could finally get back on the site have cost you. EAT A COCK"

I will not take this down until I receive the fully discussed payment of 120$ and an apology.

Response - All I did was file a BTR and post my speculations on a situation in which multiple people were having issues with you as a trader. You directly ignored what Ronin described as a friendly message and blocked him on PSN. If you are willing to work this out I can be calm and will be reasonable, but in no way am I going to let this seem like it was my fault at any point. I have been more than understanding on a loan that is well overdue. I think that anyone who has had a loan with me in the past will say that I am more than reasonable when it comes to giving extra time and being understanding of extenuating circumstances. They have all maintained contact with me, however.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (19-Jun-2011)
You had my number man I wish you would of called instead of doing this crap then you would of known what was up. You didnt and instead went whiny dog all over the forums so......................

Well I come on here finally after getting my PC back up and running and I see this crap. WOW let me say thanks to this I ont be doing a damn thing to fullfill my end of anything. I have the money to pay back the loans. I never did take any POP gameshare other than the slot I bought. And yes I had to change my password to my PSN account but couldnt get on GAMETZ to send it out. So good job on fudging yourselves. Also I have never lived out of the State of Oregon Bill. And Yes I did have a gun mishap where a missfire went off after I had pulled the trigger and went to take it out of the bolt and it went off in to my foot. So dog whine and moan but know you dumb fudges doing this cost you not me. Eat a Dick and have a great day. No wonder so many people have left this crapty site. Actually nah I will be giving BoB a call and giving him the password to my PSN account the rest of you can just sit her and ramble off ore bullcrap while sucking eachother off thinking you are cool.