Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Sk8ter07

Status: active
Aliases: kgamer219/saltman4u
Email: N/A
Address: see below
Reporter: Sk8ter07

Korey Dotson aka Byrd
1208 Edenham ct apt#102
Virginia Beach,VA 23464


korey Dotson
4782 Glyndon dr.
bluefield west virginia

I made a trade with Korey Dotson (saltman4u aka kgamer219) and he gave me an address to mail my package to. I sent my package for his ps2. I mailed it out and when he didn't recieve it he said it was somone elses address. After I got ripped off we looked up his phone number in west virginia and we didn't find a number. However, when we looked for his phone number in Virginia, it was found. His plan to rip off people. He said he lives in West Virginia but no. What he does is he gives you the address and after you send it out he'll tell you that you sent it to the wrong address. And good luck in getting it back.

Saltman4u BTRs29-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: saltman4u
Address: korey dotson 4782 glyndon dr. bluefeild west virginia
Reporter: Sk8ter07


we made a trade for ps2 and he said he would be out and i sent it to this adresswithout knowing i sent him PSX, Dreamcast, THPS1 ANDTHPS 2(both psx), RE3, Blasto, 007 World IS Not Enough, Sonic Adv. Dreamcast and psx RFUS to korey dotson 1208 edenham ct#102 virginia beach va 2346. then i talk to him and he says i didnt get it and i tell him where i sent it and he says oh i well you might get your stuff back so i will take this off when he gives me his PS2.